For My ADD Readers

A “friend” from work overheard me talking to my mom on the phone a while back. He later asked me what language I was speaking. I looked at him and said “You know I’m French right?” He replied “Of course I do.”

So I said “Then I was speaking Russian. Of course.” His eyes popped out… “Wow… that is SOOOO cool!” Wonder if to this day he still thinks I speak Russian. And, would that explain why he always looks at me with wonder in his eyes like I’m I’m just another marvel?


6 thoughts on “For My ADD Readers”

  1. @ Holly: no you can't… that's why I'm still unfixable! haha!
    @ Catherine: I just can't seem to get a fix on how I want to represent myself! Hahaha, at least that Nixon mask is far far away, and Holly is a wonderful artist (but she doesn't know it)


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