My week… in a nutshell!

Have you ever been to hell and back? Ever had a sudden wonderful awesome moment of glory but could not even feel the slightest twinge of excitement because a part of you was still stuck in the elevator on your way out of hell?

Did you get the t-shirt of that place? or were they sold out?

Ever feel like there was tears just waiting to come out and threatened to do so at any given time with no pre-given sign of notice?

Ever wonder if this situation is reserved to women only? Ever wonder why men are born with a coating of 3M, scotch guard, or Teflon to protect themselves from such a feeling of utter uckiness?

Why can’t we come with some type of lifelong guarantee of satisfaction. I need a refund on my body, it’s wore the fuck out. I need a refund on my brain, it’s too sensitive. I need a refund on my personality it’s too prone to guilt feelings. Where is life’s customer service so I can apply for an exchange?


5 thoughts on “My week… in a nutshell!”

  1. Sigh. I feel you. This is why I choose anger. It's much less embarrassing to chew someone out than burst into tears for no apparent reason.


  2. I concur with this entire post. I do tend to get to the boiling point fairly easy, but if its really bad, and Im really mad… I cry. God help anyone who gets me to that point. The guilt thing… yeah I have it too. For some reason I think everything is my fault in one way or the other here is this house. Frankly, Im sick of that shit.


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