The Answer?

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The fortune teller was right. The address she gave me was exactly as she described it. Now what do I do? I can use the rusty old key and open this door. Or I can walk away.

If you enter this room, a new life awaits you. There is no turning back, once you open the door the new life takes over. A new identity, a new personality, you will never remember any part of your old life.

I’ve been complaining to all who want to listen how I can’t take this one anymore. But am I ready to take the leap to something else? What will be the new life? What will be the new me? Will it be any better? Just different? Is this like life after death? My hands are shaking, I can barely see in front of me. Yet, I so want to open that door. I crave change like I crave new skin.

What the heck. A new life, we all wish it one time or another, now I can simply just insert the key in that innocent key hole and walk across to the unknown. One tiny step, I’ll just see if the key fits…



12 thoughts on “The Answer?”

  1. But what do we leave behind? What has meaning and what does not. Each tiny thing, we'll never know what we miss or what we leave behind, unless we take that road of no return. Good Luck to you whatever you decide. I want to hear all about it, when you look sideways, not up or down.


  2. a key point is made here,
    a single action could lead to dramatic changes in life, including creating a new life….

    beautiful magpie!


  3. Thanks for all your comments on this… It was my first magpie, such fun! I especially like what Jingle has to say: “a single action could lead to dramatic changes in life, including creating a new life….” so true… Looking forward to -a- reading your magpie's and -b- the next magpie!


  4. Oooohhh..this was so suspenseful…and the thought about this new life was almost scary really! Would I ever want to see if the key fits? And if it did, would ever turn it the right way?… Brrr… I don't know if I even want to know the answers to these dark questions…but they sit somewhere in the corner of my mind..

    An excellent and thought provoking, this! Kudos…


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