This is me

Please don’t judge me on how I look. I know I don’t look like much. At first glance, all you see is an old rusted exterior. My fingers are bony and knotted with arthritis. My hair is dried up, like an old coat of peeling paint. My shoulders are covered with freckles from years of sun exposure.

Take the time to get to know me. Don’t just walk on by. I’m filled with laughter, warmth, life. What I hold inside is so much better than how I appear.

Get to know me. And I’ll get to know you. I’ll trade secrets and share laughs with you, let you drink my water and hopefully you’ll feel refreshed just by my presence. All I ask is you don’t judge me on how I look until you get to know me. Then you can see me and truly appreciate the years, and know the story behind every scratch, bruise and scar.

This is Magpie 26. This post was written based on my inspiration on the watering can pictured above. It’s not a zany hilarious or suspenseful story I invented. It’s just a simple thought that came to me when I looked at this image. Click here to find out how you can write your story behind this picture.


17 thoughts on “This is me”

  1. I loved this …. when I saw Willow's photo I also thought about myself as an aging woman ~ not wanting to be overlooked!


  2. @ Helen: we never want to be overlooked, do we? Funny how as we age we still see ourselves as we WERE but others see the old us…
    @ Holly: aaahhhh, thanks! Seems like I haven't (cyber) seen you in a while, I miss you!
    @ Arian: thanks! and welcome to my cyber house…
    @ Jennifer: actually, I've had those freckles forever, just thought they'd fit in the story (hee hee, yeah I've got freckles, but only on my shoulders, weird hunh?, but they're cute like me!)
    @ Jingle: thanks! i love getting compliments, i react much better to positive shit than hurtful stuff, don't hurt me! :o)


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