Wine With Everything

Across the street from where I worked was the Café Van Gogh. The district was somewhat of a little Soho in my city. Theaters, galleries, jazz clubs: the funky district. Very logically you should find a café Van Gogh with great art on the walls.

One painting intrigued me. I always sat by it to look at it and think, and daydream. It was a lover’s embrace. He bent towards her to kiss her. She pulled back looking away.

What was on her mind? Why did she pull away? Was he just some Don Juan or were his sentiments sincere? Was this just a rendez-vous as her husband was working late, again? Was she having second thoughts? Or was she simply getting ready to take the plunge and risk yet once again having her heart be trampled and broken? Then again, maybe was she gathering the courage to end a long-term relationship…

I wanted to contact the artist and find out what was on her mind?

Obviously I wasn’t the only one with such questions.

“Red. I think I will paint my toenails red.”

Somebody answered the question for me with a post-it note stuck by her head drawn as a thought bubble.

Considering I was enthralled by this woman in the painting, and a stranger offered me an escape, an answer to all my questions, I accepted the proposition. I immediately walked to the pharmacy around the corner and headed straight to the nail polish aisle. I never knew there were so many shades of red.

I picked what would become my color for the next 10 years. It’s all in a name, and this one drew me in: “Wine with everything”  Great shade, great name, a classic choice that will never die.

This is a Magpie Tale. Every week we are invited to write a story, snippet or poem based on an image. I enjoy writing these stories because it encourages me to think outside the box. This is when I write for the simple joy and pleasure of writing. Not that I consider myself as a writer (pronounced writaah, with a whisper) but it’s nice to create for myself and not with the intent to impress by some weird freaky story from my past.


24 thoughts on “Wine With Everything”

  1. Oh, I love this. Perfect post-it sentiment. And just think, it started you on a fabulous red-toed journey. (my toes are always red)


  2. A lovely post! I alos love looking at paintings and wondering what the artist intended you feel – most of the time I think they may jsut want you to look at it and think….


  3. And that is probably why we love to write. Just as the artist leaves us grasping for answers, a well written story does the same.


  4. Dear Nikki,
    I dashed to your blog after reading your post. Fancy both of us writing about Ottawa. Is the cafe near the Byward Market area across Rideau Centre?

    I lived in Ottawa more than 20 years ago. I walked and cycled everywhere in the summer and took the OC Transpo in the winter. I skated down the Rideau River and watched great Canadian bands in concert – Luba, 8 Seconds, Platinum Blonde, Corey Hart and Bryan Adams. My hair stylist – Kelli on Rideau Road introduced Celine Dion. Crossed over to Hull sometimes!

    Sparks Street St Mall was a favourite place esp the book store. I bought French books, second hand books which I still keep until today!

    And Gatineau Park in autumn – wow!

    Merci beaucoup pour tres belle souvenir – my French is rusty….je parle un peu maintenaut avec mon mari et ma filles…but then not everyone in Ottawa speaks French! Oohhh I miss Canada!

    I live 1/2 way across the world now. And I love it. But boy, do I miss O Canada!

    J'ai pas de secret maintenaut…


  5. love it!! I think it's cool that you write a tiny story based on an image. Kinda like when my great aunt would see someone walking down the road and come up with a story as to why they were walking… like “Oh, her husband has the car to go to work but her mother lives with her and desperately needs more medication because she has athlete's foot but her MOM can't go on her own because of all those 17 cats…”
    It may run in the family. Maybe.

    Nino – I can read your french so it's not too terrible. LOL


  6. @ Willow: wow, such dedication to comment on everybody who links from your site, I'm amszed!
    @ madamebutterfly: that's the great side of art. there are as many interpretations as there are pair of eyes looking at it!
    @ dana: i often forget how the written word is like visual art!
    @ Jingle: thanks! but remember I read yours too, and it was fab!
    @ Helen: you're right, it is a great mantra!
    @ ninotaziz: we most likely know people in common… Luba? The 1983 concert at Winterlude? I worked there! Was also working the Canada Day event Celine sang at! (sorry, didn't go to Carleton!)
    @ Confused: i played the exact same game your auntie played (still playing it, it's fun!)
    @ Stacie: like having candies on your toes!
    @ Cecilia: I love the Burt's Bee stuff! I feel it tingling on my lips…
    @ Kathew: oooo la la – merci!
    @ Ninja: yeah, such a cool name isn't it? next on my list is “cosmo blush”!
    @ Holly: hey, you're the one who got me hooked on Magpies… (hi Holly)


  7. Dear Nikki,
    When you said same background, I thought you meant the love divorce love children thingy. Now I see it's the background literally! LOL

    Yes, LUBA 1983 at Winterlude opening for Bryan Adams I think…

    So was it Byward Market?



  8. Wine with everything….wonderful thought, though not on my toes, necessarily. Great magpie! I'm headed for a little shiraz right now!


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