Check Things With Me First (again)

I saw this shirt at a Target.

Really? I love pussy? On a poor little girl’s shirt? And she’ll wear this for her first day at school? You know kids are mean. Oh the poor little girl and the razzing she’s in for. Again, why can’t they run these things by me first? I said it before, my mind is sick, but I’m honest. I’ll tell you what you’re in for before you risk having tomatoes thrown in your face.

p.s. In case you don’t check out the comments, you gotta read what Holly (MidWesternMama had to say, it’s hilarious as usual) … and I quote:

“Yepp. little Susie will wear that to school and forever be known as a carpet muncher. Poor little Susie……… hasn’t she suffered enough!”

 And, yes Zack I have a sick mind. A mind only a mother could love.


14 thoughts on “Check Things With Me First (again)”

  1. I thought I was sick but your mid is sicker. I read that at I love cats… they should make a shirt like this for guys like me – who love pussy…. in real life…


  2. I guess I should return that shirt huh?
    Oh! I was looking for some cheapo clothes for my PE classes and all I could find was totally retarded “Super Mom” shirts. With American Flags. In all colors, shapes, styles & sizes.

    I ended up buying danskin shirts and then one with the glass of lemonade and a crying lemon saying “mom?”

    ANYWAY, point is, even though I was at WalMart. Cuz it was 1am. And I live in Texas. And I was in the small town where people have fewer teeth… Seriously WHO WOULD BUY THAT SHIT?!

    Probably the same people who want to send my kid to school with a pussy tshirt. His name is Jackass and he is living with an idiot who likes to buy tacky clothing.


  3. OH! OMG! Speaking of buying clothes! I saw some hot pink, white polka dotted galoshes at the store the other day and wanted to buy some so we could match! Only, that part where they didn't have them in a size “freakishly large for a girl” told me I shouldn't.


  4. Confused: next time I am in Texas, I am so gonna hunt you down and we're so gonna hit a Wal-Mart at 1 am (after downing a few toddies) cause I think it's gonna be hilarious the shit we see and how our minds'll think about it. Is it ok to go there if I have a full mouth of teeth? I could wear my pink boots!


  5. I would love to know where that shirt was made. If it was made in China then maybe perhaps they were writing about this girls favorite food?


  6. omg! this is where my mind goes too. should we shoot one another? or just go with it? do you make fun of kids' names when pregos are picking out baby names to deter them from doing damage? it's our civic duty to do these things.


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