Oh my gawdde… what have I done? No I didn’t burn a Koran. Nor did I throw a brick in that preacher’s window… Worse! I wrote those 2 words (above, it’s the title!) in a cover letter for a job application.  A cover letter! Job application. Pick me! hahaha! I went all out and wrote creative gutsy shit on a cover letter because the job I applied for was to write advertising material.

So… I applied my advertising writing approach to my application.

Kinda like the urban myth about the dude who turned in a blank page for his philosophy 101 course answering the question to “what is a risk”. Ha! I took a risk. Did I go overload? Ah, maybe.  Here’s a sampler of my letter:

I feel I possess the required skills and experience for the position. Which is why I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that you should pick me!  Attached you will find a list of your requirements and how I meet each and every one of them (and beyond). If hired, you will find me a highly dedicated and motivated employee. At times my motivation may be overwhelming if not entertaining.”

Oh yeeees I did… IN YOUR FACE! What have I got to lose? A job I don’t yet have? It’s not like I’m unemployed and have been starving for the past months (maybe a little starving, bye-bye back fat! Hope to never see your ugly rear again!)

Well, it’s not like if I wrote “as I’m sitting here on the toilet deeply reflecting on a future with your corporation…”   What do you think will happen?  Will I get a call? Or will this be filed under file #13 (trash bin)?

To be continued…