Oh my gawdde… what have I done? No I didn’t burn a Koran. Nor did I throw a brick in that preacher’s window… Worse! I wrote those 2 words (above, it’s the title!) in a cover letter for a job application.  A cover letter! Job application. Pick me! hahaha! I went all out and wrote creative gutsy shit on a cover letter because the job I applied for was to write advertising material.

So… I applied my advertising writing approach to my application.

Kinda like the urban myth about the dude who turned in a blank page for his philosophy 101 course answering the question to “what is a risk”. Ha! I took a risk. Did I go overload? Ah, maybe.  Here’s a sampler of my letter:

I feel I possess the required skills and experience for the position. Which is why I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that you should pick me!  Attached you will find a list of your requirements and how I meet each and every one of them (and beyond). If hired, you will find me a highly dedicated and motivated employee. At times my motivation may be overwhelming if not entertaining.”

Oh yeeees I did… IN YOUR FACE! What have I got to lose? A job I don’t yet have? It’s not like I’m unemployed and have been starving for the past months (maybe a little starving, bye-bye back fat! Hope to never see your ugly rear again!)

Well, it’s not like if I wrote “as I’m sitting here on the toilet deeply reflecting on a future with your corporation…”   What do you think will happen?  Will I get a call? Or will this be filed under file #13 (trash bin)?

To be continued…



6 thoughts on “PICK ME!”

  1. you're going to frame the letter if you get the job, right? very gutsy, very cool.

    I'm so excited and in anticipation for you!


  2. Thanks guys… hope you are on the hiring committee! Ha! Yeah… if I get this job after THAT type of letter I will most likely frame it!


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