Me + my sister + a boy + bathing suits = 3some.

I promised Bluzdude from Darwinfish2 another picture of me in a bathing suit.  Please read his blog. It’s good. But enough about him…

Yesterday I saw a really really really good movie. Vicky Cristina Barcelona an AWESOME flick with P. Cruz, Javier Bardem, Scarlett J…. written and directed surprisingly by Woody Allen but really not a typical style of his. My sister would warn you not to ever watch anything I recommend (she says my tastes are too weird, some would just call me eccentric).  The story is about love. It’s about sex. It’s about art and passion. I think it’s also to blame for Booby’s sudden dislike of being American (yet, it’s not at all anti-American, watch it, you may get it).



7 thoughts on “Me + my sister + a boy + bathing suits = 3some.”

  1. I totally love you. Lots and lots. LOTS.

    Yea, what's up with my facebook anyway? I wasn't popular before but suddenly I am. I don't get it… but I won't complain because it makes me feel all loved and crap and since I have no social life, I need that.

    OH! and I choose NO guys right now silly! Which is probably the wrong choice, so I'm sure you'll have lots to read about when I talk about how the dildo store people know me by name, want to know if I want the “monster of the month” blah blah blah. That will happen soon, I'm sure.


  2. Miss Nikki,
    Thanks for the pub, seriously. Love ya!

    The Toy Store Clerk: Lady, put that back; that's not for sale. That's the fire extinguisher.


  3. nice pic…smiles.

    the movie sounds good…is it out at the theatres or rent/download? i will figure it out.

    best of luck to your friend….

    working hard on publication right now…


  4. @ Miley: for some odd reason when I saw the “obnoxious” category I just had to, then I felt I needed to find reasons why, but in reality you are not obnoxious, I simply knew you'd get a kick out of the choice!
    @ Oilfield: I still don't know what you mean by “Oh lordy” I'm so curious and keep wondering!
    @ Bluz: No problemo mi amigo!
    @ Amber: THANKS! And yes, I hope she wins too!
    @ Brian: the movie is old, so rent, download or buy it (for me it's under the category of movies I want to watch again and again) and if you need proofreaders or whatever let me know, I'm always anticipating your next post / story!


  5. Oh, I DO love it!! hahaha, I got a kick out of it for sure 😀
    You are right about the facebook thing though. Dude, it's getting out of control.
    Re OT: Eh, he's probably saying oh lordy to me. I know what it means haha. He's rolling his eyes at me, not you 🙂


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