Weird Music WEAR PURPLE WednesDAY

I originally posted this song on June 30. Little did I know today would be the official “Wear Purple Day” in memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse. I have no tolerance for intolerance. Live and let live.

I don’t get it. I really don’t. Gay people aren’t hurting anybody. They are just loving. Loving somebody of the same sex. That’s it. That’s all they’re doing. OK, so what if YOU don’t like watching 2 men kissing in public, or 2 women holding hands: look the other way!

So go: wear purple and sing this song, sing it loud and when you are asked why you are doing this? Tell them it’s so people can be more tolerant and open… and happy.


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5 thoughts on “Weird Music WEAR PURPLE WednesDAY

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  2. I believe that gays have the same right as us straight people to have a sexless, miserable, and loveless marriage just like us straight people.


  3. I'm wearing mine. And I agree.


  4. I agree whole heartedly and I hope that one day people will learn to let other people live their own lives. Great post.. I could go on all day about how mad I get at ignorant people. I may not be gay, but I love them and would fight any day for them!

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  5. ah…some light is dawning in my eyes now why people are posting this…wish i would have known about the purple…


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