The Frog King

Beware of the self-proclaimed
Frog King
He will woo you and lure you
With the promise of a kingdom
Sealed with a kiss

I also shared the dream
Of a castle filled with gold and
diamonds. But I warn you
A frog has for a kingdom
Nothing but a bog
A mere swampy moldy marsh
That will suck you in
swallow you hole
And leave you bleeding
and screaming under a fresh
new skin of leeches.

Beware of the self-proclaimed
Frog King,
With his tongue he will
kill everything by a simple touch
Even the mighty and the lord
of the flies.

Stay away from the self-proclaimed.

This is my magpie tale. I’ve been following and writing Willow’s prompts for over 12 weeks. The last 2 weeks I was dry, could not come up with anything. I forced myself back in this time. Last night I saw a horror movie of children abduction and pedophilia. A nightmarish of a movie filled with lifelike stories. I think I was under the influence as I wrote this… Life is filled with monsters.



15 thoughts on “The Frog King”

  1. It's funny. I didn't even notice the monkey (or frog) on the pendant until I started reading everyone else's pieces…

    Funny what we see in inspiration and how varied the same image can be.

    Great mag.


  2. Anyone else think that necklace looks kind of like anal beads? no? just me? ok sorry I'll slip back into the shadows.


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