Uneventfully Perfect

Uneventful is characteristic you seek when flying by plane.
“How was your flight?”
“Oh, perfect!”
“Yes. Exactly.”

But for a blogger, the term is death. Death by uneventfulness is also very slow. Unpainful. If at least it were painful, there’d be plenty to write about.

Actually, if I were totally honest, my life recently has been nowhere near uneventful. But, I don’t know, how can I say this: perfection is boring? If you’ve been following me, you’ll know:

  1. I’ve been a racer chick;
  2. Been wanting change in my life;
  3. Got the change by a dead construction market leading to the loss of our team’s main sponsor;
  4. Leading to a sudden and absolute change in my life;
  5. Leading me to become unemployed and homeless (my entire living arrangements were provided and paid by my work).

That brings me here. Southern California. Or SoCal, as we locals like to call it. (blushes with sudden increase in pride) We’re fortunate enough to have accumulated enough hotel points to stay over 40 nights for FREEEEE in a variety of hotels. Boom wahka-wahka-wahkaaa! Yes. I’m, or WE’re very fortunate.

We’ve been so busy looking for boats. You see, ever since I met the love of my life he’s been repeating over and over and over “I’m gonna live on a boat!” Ugh. Pre-destined to be a bohemian I guess. Yeah, that’s me. It’s cool yet daunting. Learning the ropes at every level is intoxicatingly dizzifying.  We found THE boat.

Ain’t she a beauty? Grrraaawr! (That’s me growling like a bitch in heat.)  We made an offer on it yesterday. Should hear back by Wednesday with either a counter-offer, or a downright denial, or an acceptance of our offer, or a donut (sure, why not?)

Also. Another news item on the table. We may have a job offer. May have. It’s to manage a young team. That could mean I could remain a racer gurl. Or, I could continue my quest for world domination the perfect job. I’m the bleeding heart type. Racing, mech!  It’s fun and exciting, but doesn’t fit in my artsy desires to make the world a better place.

Stay tuned peeps! Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and chocolate fudge brownie sundaes! (haha I finished this Sunday post by mentioning chocolate fudge brownie sundaes, yes I’m cool that way)