Half-Assed Weekend Post

People rarely read blogs on week-ends, maybe it’s because they’re out enjoying their week-end rather than sitting at a desk bored in a job they don’t actually love? Anyways, click his link above if you’ve never read his blog. He’s always a fun read!
Our newly purchased bottle of Capt (Morgan, but do I really need to specify what a bottle of Capt is?) is covered in something we hardly ever see on our bottles: dust.

A local gun shop was advertising: “the perfect stocking stuffer”. I wondered if the stocking stuffer was the gun or all the loot you’ll gain with the use of the gun. I was too afraid to ask.


Peter Griffin Investigations??? He REALLY does exist, that’s almost as exciting as finding out there is a Santa… (actually, there is one and she is behind project Believe)


Hotmail has been sending all of my Blogger readers’ comments to the junk box. This is a new thing. I don’t know why suddenly it’s junking out my comments, but all this time I was feeling ignored and forgotten when it was ME who was in fact ignoring YOU, sorry!


I lost a follower yesterday. Was it something I said? Is it because I’ve been obviously bummed lately and it’s been showing through my posts? Is it because I’ve reposted Moooog’s letter? Is it because I’m a sap? Is it because I like Jerry Stiller? If it’s that, then jump ship now, that dude is FUNNY!


I also felt like sharing some of the cool pics I snagged during my day-trip to Mexico… Enjoy!

This is the Mexican side of the border: daunting!
I always thought cigarettes smelled like shit. At least Mexicans don’t lie to you about it!

An American Pharmacy in Ensenada: they must think we are all incapable of fulfilling our sex starved’ness!

Playboy Barbershop… and Peluqueria: Playboys wear wigs?

See those big rocks? That’s Mexican for “el bridgo is el closeo”
This is what the border looks like from Tecate. I’m still daunted by it…



13 thoughts on “Half-Assed Weekend Post”

  1. Nice post! I've been to Mexico many times, usually driving through Tiajuana. I never feel at ease in that city. Ensenada (I'm thinking you made it that far, right?) is where I finally feel like I can relax. I like it there. The further south, the better.
    Isn't it amazing how many pharmacies there are in TJ?

    My favorite kind of posts are about people's road trips. I really like this one!


  2. @ Brian: how do you like my Spanish? haha, and I'm the one who understands it best in my couple – we are in mucho trouble-o!
    @ George: I don't think I could ever live up north. Again.
    @ Pat: TJ was just in the passing since it's faster than detouring through Tecate, but our destination WAS Ensenada. Tijuana looks narly. And scary. Brr… and thanks for liking my post. I need to do this more often since, well, I do kinda live on the road!


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