Such a Random Thing

I finally got the RIGHT help from my geeky online pals. Ditched the hotspot, figured the tethering and voila, here’s some kick-ass chopper pics! And they’re ALL taken from my phone, ok, so the love for the Droid is coming back… FU Verizon!

Yesterday we took our first solo trip on our boat. Solo as in without the help of Booby’s “experienced” sailor friend. (That will be a story, I promise!)

We stayed in the safety of San Diego’s bay. Yeah… nothing says “safe” like huge Navy hovercrafts, helicopters hovering above, humongous cruise ships, and speedy fast boats zipping out to Catalina island.

Now, I need your help here. Right by Coronado bridge a helicopter dropped 2 guys into the water. By dropped I mean 2 dudes literally jumped or dove or were thrown into the water. The cold water. Oh and 5 minutes later the chopper came back and scooped the guys up. It created ot’s of splashiness… Why would they do that? Is it:

a) Some kind of frat house type of initiation; or
b) Because the jumpers took Ambian and suddenly had sudden abnormal thoughts of suicide; or
c) That they wanted to intimidate us since we were obviously green on the boat (ever saw a sailboat do a 3 point turn?)

Or … provide your own answer. Just help me figure the conundrum. Conundrum. Such a fun word to say, try it out, see how your mouth and tongue will enjoy it without catching cooties or getting you into trouble!

p.s. I so want to put up THE pic of the helicopter BUT I’m on the boat with VERY limited connection
p.p.s. fuck you Verizon and your promises of hotspot connectivity with the Droid
p.p.p.s fuck you Tom Riddle of the geeky support group, Tom Riddle? Really? Was your user name Darth Vader prior to Harry Potter’s success? Your solutions to the problem did not work!