2010 – My Cap


I stole this post idea from a new blog I’m stalking. This chick is pretty cool. Go check her out! Another one of the honest blogger. Right up my alley. You know she says it like it is. Good stuff…

Also. I’d like to congratulate one of our fellow bloggers. A simple dude really. You know, simple stories. Doesn’t try to out-do, out-wit, out-cuss just to draw in readers. Another one who says it like it is, and it’s why I like him. Obviously I’m not the only one because (drum roll) he’s (delayed moment for added suspense) BON’ed (no, it’s not like being boned, although some may get off that way…)ย  Simple Dude in a Complex World is now a BLOG OF NOTE!!!!ย  Good going SD, you deserve it. Totally. And yes, the Empress and the Rabbit also deserve it. But so do you…

OK, my 2010 re-cap:

  1. I celebrated my 1st year of being married to a really cool and funny guy. Yay!
  2. I realized I didn’t want to be a racing bitch anymore. Went through turmoils in trying to figure out what I’d do if I’d quit and debated and debated on jumping ship or not… And dragged you in this turmoiling and questioning… Sorry.
  3. Took 3 trips back to Canada to visit with my family, hang out in Montreal (if you’ve never been, trust me it’s a really cool town to visit, kinda like New York City with a European flair, and yes they all pretty much speak English there, so don’t worry about that)
  4. Re-connected with an old flame and participated in 3 intensive physical theater/comedy training sessions (THAT’s the old flame btw). Had a blast. Realized I have a long way to go although I do get laughs everytime I stand up in front of an audience (probably because I stand like a duck, my feet aren’t perfectly aligned, le sigh)
  5. After all that turmoiling and debating over “should I stay or should I go now” my team got nicked in the ass when a major sponsor stopped sponsoring us. And now I’m jobless.
  6. When I lost my job I also lost my home as it was provided to me by my work. Yeah. 2010 = jobless and homeless! Thankfully I’d saved up sufficiently to stay in hotels for over 40-50 nights (thank you bonus traveler points) and also enough money to be unemployed for an unknown period of time. So, as of now I’ve been without a job since uhm just before Thanksgiving. Spent WAY too much chang already, but c’est la vie!
  7. Headed off on a nowhere trip after our last day of work. Went skiing in Colorado. The blizzard hit and it was our cue to head towards warmer climates. Ended up in San Diego browsing ads for boats.
  8. Bought a friggin boat (actually that’s a partial lie, I didn’t buy the boat, my sweet awesome husband did, and didn’t ask a dime from me, I think he’s afraid I’ll walk out on him and he wants to be sure the yacht is his, all his, and I’ll keep my slimy fingers off it, but I’m never walking out on him so I got to save a shitload of denero while he’s still insecure, haha on him). I’m still baffled at this one. But yeah. I know it sounds like I may be bragging, but it freaks me out. And we moved onto the boat on Dec. 18.ย 
  9. Scratched off the homeless part from my list of “why I am a loser“.
  10. Realized 2011 is the year I’ll be officially turning old. I don’t know if I should dare say how old… Nah, never mind. I won’t, instead I’ll stick with this super ooey-gooey good feeling: last Monday we went into a bar because they have a steak night special. While he was out talking to the BBQ dude, I grabbed a table and ordered 2 cocktails. To which the bartender looked at me and yelled out “I’ll need to see some ID’s cookie!” I RAN to the bar feeling like a contender on the Price is Right and handed her my driver’s license. To which she had to yell out to all the clients “Oh my, you’re MY age!?!” Yes. Thank you creepy old dude sitting next to me for ripping my clothes off with your pervy eyes… (that was sarcastic btw).
  11. Looking forward to scratching off the jobless part from my “why I am a loser” list. One day I’ll work on the other shit…
  12. Made a new friend via my blog. And did something for the better good and created a website for projectBelieve.

I’m sticking to 13. An unlucky number because I’m hoping to turn my luck around. Happy New Year peeps, and keep on blogging…



16 thoughts on “2010 – My Cap”

  1. Great post – I love the year end recap posts. I don't think I have the patience or memory to sit down and go through all that. Well, in truth, my life is just too boring.. even I wouldn't want to read that crap.

    Thanks on the congrats… it was a big surprise and someone ironic as I have been critical of the process!



  2. @ SD: thanks and you're welcome! ใƒ„
    @ boldly: trust me… my digits are way higher than anybody would believe other than those younger, they always have a way of knowing…
    @ Oilfield: I'm looking… looking and looking again!
    @ Pat: it's been a fun year, I'll say that much!
    @ Rock Show: mutha fuckin boat! yup!


  3. Miss Nikki…your post is great. Sounds like you've had a roller coaster ride for a year much like I have. Congrats on being married for a year. I'm widowed but I remember how cool it was to add another year. We made it to 23. Now I'm very happy with my sweetie Bruce and we're hoping for a really good and prosperous year in 2011. We have no income currently. So I hear you on that. Hugs


  4. Wow, what a jam-packed year!

    Congrats on being married for a year, I am at a jam-packed 8 months and counting, and congrats on getting through all that over stuff. You are a survivor!

    Happy New Year!


  5. @ becca: Thanks, and happy new beer to you too!
    @ Bouncin': visited your blog, liked what you 2 lovebirds are doing… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @ Brahm: 8 months! That's what in dog years? lol, saw your pics, you guys look like a match made in heaven (yeah I facebook stalked ya! heh heh)


  6. Wonderful post lovely lady. Congrats on the anniversay. Looking forward to a year packed with boat stories. Happy New year


  7. @ Mynx: Hopefully my boat stories won't bore you to death… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @ Not Emily: Thanks!
    @ (Flo): I'm a hopeless romantic too… really really hopeless! *sigh*


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