Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

I polished an 8-foot pole today.

This morning I walked into the auto parts store and went straight to this hot black guy behind the counter and asked “Are you Randy?” I giggled. I totally wanted to follow with a “Do I make you rrrrrandy???” because I was actually looking for a dude called Randy I’d talked to previously on the phone.

It wasn’t (sadly) the hot black guy, but an older fellow. He smelled awesome. I wanted to climb over the counter and snuggle into his neck and just breath in. Long and slow. And tell him “Now guess WHO’S Randy?”

I’m enjoying a good cold beer. A Pacifico. The “i” is pronounced like “ee”. I love pronouncing Spanish properly. And when I have no clue, I just speak with a smile and a certain melody. The melody helps convince people I totally know what I’m doing. Hola! (Did you hear my melody? Yeah it totally rocks doesn’t it?)

I decided to not go crazy hunting and looking for jobs. But I am on 2 different job search sites that send me regular emails with job openings per my criteria. Yesterday I received a really cool job opening. And it’s a 2-minute walk from my marina. I applied. They haven’t called yet. What are they waiting for?

Why do they only have tri-tip in California? Have you ever had tri-tip? It’s the shits!

Talking about the shits (in the good way, not running to the loo way (I used that expression for my Aussie readers, a loo is a cool way of saying toilet)) have you heard any Mumford & Sons? They’re a pretty good band. Seriously. It’s good music.  Check it out! Yeah, you’re welcome.

Although I try and try and keep trying again and again without giving up: I still don’t get UGG Boots. When I first saw them I told myself “Self, how appropriate is it to have the ugliest boot on the face of the earth called UGG for UGLY!” Only people who also look good in potato sacks can pull those off, because THEY can pull anything off.

Why DOES Dave Letterman wear white socks with his suits? Am I the only one who finds it an eyesore?



24 thoughts on “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”

  1. Not that this has anything to do with randy counter guys or their 8 ft poles or meatballs or white socks, but I really dig the new header.

    Yeah, I know. I'm late. The blog world isn't agreeing with me lately. But I thought I would throw my two cents at someone anyway. Diggin' the whole remake here today. Suits you.



  2. @ Rabbit: coming from you, I will take that compliment to the grave, actually something you wrote about me a while ago played a major role in the change… And I disagree, the blog world DOES agree with you (but by disagreeing I'm kinda proving your point because I'm part of the blog world, dam you Rabbit and your silent convincing ways!)


  3. 1. New look is nice. I find it calming.

    2. Not touchin' that “8ft. pole” (twhs & twss) line.

    3. Heard Mumford & Sons a while back & I agree. They're pretty good.

    4. I find Letterman weird in general… maybe it's just me.


  4. and her ADD keeps going unchecked. I hope you totally get a job soon so you can get back on your meds. I mean I totally enjoy the fact your stream of consciousness is so random that even I can't project what may come next but I do worry you will simply step off the boat carrying an anvil. ( not pronounced anveeel)


  5. I had no idea Randy was so tall or that he was Polish. Too bad he isn't also hot and black, like a good cup of great coffee but at least he smells good which is also like a good cup of great coffee. I think I'm in need of some coffee.

    I hope you are giving out more Spanish lessons soon. My husband speaks Spanish but there's no melody in it. No one and I mean no one says Hola! the way you do.


  6. @ Vinny: twhs & twss what??? I'm so shorthand illiterate!
    @ Peachy: no more anveel for me, although I did have some sushi that sounds like that…
    @ patty: haha, UGGlies!
    @ Holly: another change? I think yours is the one that changes the most in all the blogs I read, go for it, it's such fun!
    @ Nari: I know, right???


  7. Wait, so the 8-foot pole belonged to the black guy? And the old guy was the one with the cloudy meatballs? I think I might be innuendo-challenged.


  8. @ Jay: well hello there, welcome to my madness, actually I shoulda seperated every paragraph with dots, none are related to each other unless you're a Freudian specialist and tell me how they are related!
    @ Oilfield: polish some wood, hmm, so i polished an 8 foot wood pole! heh heh I just want to keep you happy!


  9. @ Jen: If you want I can tell that lady who's been hounding me (from life bank and casualty or whatever) that you're interested!
    @ Average: isn't it odd that I didn't even know it was a book? and a movie? the hubs says it a lot when it's cloudy and I always thought “how random”
    @ Average: yes I am… spread the word! haha, sorry I haven't visited you much! that WILL change though, somebody's gotta keep an eye on your transformation!


  10. Lot's of good stuff here, but I got hung up on the tri-tip. I'm hungry! Many, if not most, butchers (outside of the southwest) have never heard of this cut. Too bad, it's awesome if cooked correctly! Costco sells nice tri-tip roasts. (always get the roast)…yum!


  11. Excellent use of the word “loo”. very impressed with your grasp of Aussie.
    Ugg boots may be an aquired taste, I love mine but I rarely wear them out of the house. They are not a fashion statement, they are comfortable warm slippers. People who wear them in public are generally bogans (another aussie word)
    Oh and nothing is nicer than a man who smells good. Love that. Makes me go weak at the knees


  12. Don't mess with DAVE!! He's been on the air for 40 years and you've finally noticed his white socks?? 🙂
    Still unsure why you don't like white sneakers and white socks but C'est La Vie” I guess.
    Funny stuff, besides the crack at Letterman!
    Can UGGS be any UGGlier on HOT, SEXY babes?? I guess we can agree on that.
    Good luck with the job thingy, wonder where you'll end up 🙂


  13. Mumford & Son's are great. I am glad that you like 'em. They are coming around this year for a tour and hopefully I will be able to make it. I would love to see them live!


  14. @ Pat: I just may have to break down and get a Costco card…
    @ becca: I'll have to check it out!
    @ Bouncin: I'm glad somebody else noticed it too! Man, why is that???
    @ Dr: ??? I missed you… sigh!
    @ cwboys: yeah… but why? Would YOU do that? I bet your socks always have the Dallas logo!
    @ Meri: thanks! :o)
    @ Girl: wow, I'll have to check out their tour dates, haven't been to a concert in … in … can't remember! 😦


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