Best 6 Minutes You’ll Spend Today!

I’m struggling to keep up with this blog now. I guess it’s just simply becoming a once-in-a-while thing. Which is ok. A lot has been happening with me. All good though, it’s all good. Last night I helped a friend create a blog. I’m satisfied with the design I put together for her since it totally fits her. To a “T”.

Feel free to go over and say hi to her, here’s her link! This woman is connected to ALL that is San Diego arts and culture. An amazing woman, I can’t wait to start reading her blog…

Today I stumbled upon THIS little gem of a video. I know – Bohemian Rhapsody is the poster child of over-done songs, just like Paris Hilton is the overdone of rich-girl-gone-famous-over-nothing or Brittney is the poster child of repeated self-destruction. BUT this version – trust me – so deserves to be viewed. And it gets better and better as you keep watching. I laughed to hard tears wanted to come out. Those tears are probably pent up from all that’s been happening… all good, all good.

And about that friend who wrote the Confessions of a Manic-Depressive? He helped me out with my bio. He did such a good job, now I want to hang out with the cool chick he wrote about. If that’s not narcissism at its best, please tell me how YOU would define it?

See you on the flip side…



12 thoughts on “Best 6 Minutes You’ll Spend Today!”

  1. @ OT: I know… its been weird without this world! Gotta go catch up, last time I read you your writing had improved 500% And now I'm sounding like a school teacher!
    @ Vinny: cool hunh? I LOVE it!
    @ B-Man: hahah, please please please do it! I want to see the results!
    @ Brandy: How sweet! Thanks


  2. I totally get the “once in a while” postin thing seeing as though it's been about three weeks since my last one. Some times you just gotta do your thang. And from my clicking through a bunch of links it seems as though you have been mighty busy!


  3. I think you need to shut the fuck up about people you dont know about….its a blog dumb bitch. Get a real life.


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