Halfassed Weekender Edition!

Doncha wish I made YOU a birthday cake?

It was HIS birthday Friday! I made him a cake too! Kinda like a Pink Panther cake. You remember that one? Where he’s so hungry, but his fridge is empty and so are his pockets to he has no food nor does he have access to food so he cuts out an image of a fish in a magazine and fries it up in a pan. Places the fried up image in a plate, ties a napkin around his neck, grabs a knife and fork and eats the image…

Hey Pink Panther! You’re a panther! Go out and hunt dood!


Ever watch somebody wipe down the counter? Ever watch their idle hand? This is what the hand is thinking:

“Hey! You! What about me? What should I be doing? Can you at least let me hang on to the spray bottle? Give me a bone here, I look stupid just dangling! Hellllooooo! Didja hear me? I’m talking to you! I’m the laughing stock of all the other hands, have you no pity?”


7 thoughts on “Halfassed Weekender Edition!”

  1. If I were the idle hand I would not be interested in joining in. I'd be perfectly fine to sit back and watch that other prick do all the work.

    After all, he usually gets all the GOOD stuff too. He gets to give the high fives. He gets to scratch that big fluffy dog next door. And I am pretty sure he has touched more boobs than I have. So screw him.



  2. @ B'Man: silly wabbit, don't you recognize my artistic flair when you see it? I drew that beautiful thing myself! 😉
    @ SD: my my my, long time no visit buddy! Which reminds me, I forgot to link up (weekend halfass thing) and yeah, fuck that hand!


  3. I always worry about my idle hand. I mean, I don't want it to feel left out or to get lazy, but I don't want it to know I'm just being patronizing either.

    Oh, and I bet you even kick ass on a Pink Panther style cake.


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