A Job Interviewwwwww!

I got an email yesterday.

*happy dance*

Inviting me to a job interview.

*happy dance*

For a job I applied to at the San Diego Zoo.

*happy dance*

Told them I was currently in La Paz, Mexico. They asked me if I had Skype. Told them yes. They said, “well it’s no problem then!”

*happy dance*

They told me as part of the interview there was a small audition where they give a zebra puppet to the interviewee and ask them to perform a short skit. I told them I didn’t have a zebra puppet, but that I had a lion puppet. (Sidenote: Remember when I talked about getting a puppet for vlogging? Got the puppet, never vlogged with it. Bummer) They said “GREAT!”

*happy dance*

I have a week to prepare my skit where, and I quote, I need to show “my personality, my sense of humor and my voice” the Captain even told me I happen to have all three so I’m good to go!

*happy dance*

Then this morning I re-read the job posting. It’s in Escondido. Not the MAIN zoo park which is centrally located. Escondido is a Northern suburb. Way Northern. Like almost Canada Northern.

*droopy shoulders*

But heck. It’s still a really cool job with one of THE best zoos in the whole wild world! And it would feed all my natural desires to be funny, play with technical toys (I’d be the main character of a digital puppet – how cool is that?) and interact (kinda) with kids! Yeah. I’m still going for it.

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