You Will Travel Far And Wide

Image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic
The more she searched
The less she found.
Even the mirror showed nothing
but a blurred image.
What am I supposed to do?
She covered herself with good fortune
cookie messages.
Bit by bit, pieces of paper
Turned her into a living
piñata, hoping
her true self would spill
just like
Ooh a piece of candy!

Yes. Yet another Magpie Tale…

17 thoughts on “You Will Travel Far And Wide”

  1. Thanks for the visit. That piece is, in fact, part of a much larger story I started years ago, but never finished and have been cannibalizing ever since from my 100-word efforts. Also I just realized that both our stories end with candy, so there's that.


  2. I thought the blog you write on was a cool idea. A collective of writers from Toronto? Wow! I'll have to go back and spend some time there to read more… I'm from Ottawa by the way!


  3. With a blogger name like yours, I'm sure your next want ad for finding a mate would be “human pinata preferable but not a must, but preferable, especially the candy filled kind, yes, most preferable!”


  4. Hey there!
    Catching up…
    This is a good one. No telling what would drop out of me. Maybe old roach clips, rusted beer cans, and a lot of fast food wrappers….
    Hope you are doing well!


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