55 – Crossing Over

Mr Know It All
The day I turned
I stuffed all my
stuffed toys in a box. 
Left it in the hallway.
Hours later
I tripped
over it.
With a bruised toe
and a swollen hand
I couldn’t help but wonder
if I really was ready for
becoming an adult.
Would I forever trip over my childhood?
I’d been reading Brian’s stories told in 55 words or less. Assuming I could never do it, I never tried. Being sick has privileges: I tried, and accomplished the challenge. Try it out here.

10 thoughts on “55 – Crossing Over”

  1. Yay Brian! 🙂 It was actually fun, and wanna know a little secret? I wrote that story just now, then checked out G-Man's link and thought “now what are the odds that his image would be so appropriate???”


  2. Really good and totally true! I've had a ton of therapy to NOT trip over my childhood, but it's still there, always! That little guy is still causing me problems by trying to protect me…


  3. I like to imagine myself, as I am today, holding me as I was at 3 or 5 years old, scared and uncertain, and just running my hands in her hair telling her she'll grow up to be a marvelous woman…


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