With a nod and a slow smile, she agreed to the transaction. The thought of it alone was like a cool breeze running over her sweat drenched skin.

With one hand she offered him money. With the other she received his gift. It gave her goosebumps. He asked if she wanted a hot fudge drizzle. “Of course” she said. And it melted instantly. She couldn’t lick it fast enough. Her fingers were covered in chocolate. “Keep the change” she told him.

She brought it to her lips. Yes, she could indulge and quickly bite into it ravingshing it with her teeth. Although the instant gratification was inviting, she chose to slowly suck it in. After all, what good was a pleasure if it didn’t last longer than a sigh?

She licked her fingers, looked at him with half closed eyes and a chocolate covered smile. She confessed “I needed this.”

“Same time again tomorrow?” he asked. As she turned and walked away, her breeze let him know “Of course”.


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