Park Magic

The door chimes jingled as he walked out the door. Leaving the corner store, with his Sunday Globe tucked under his arm, he decided to turn left and head towards the park rather than return home.

It was a beautiful day. Perfect for an afternoon in the park. He walked by the neighborhood kids playing ball. He crossed a circle of mothers with baby carriages. And he continued on his way until he found a free bench.

He sat down and opened his paper, going directly to his favorite columnist. In the background he heard the happy playful screams of the local kids. Their laughter was music to his ears. He smiled behind his paper. It certainly was a beautiful day. He turned around to see them rolling down the hill. Suddenly all he could smell was freshly cut grass.

He removed his shoes, pulled off his socks, rolled up his pants, neatly folded his paper and tucked it underneath his shoes. He looked to his right, then to his left and ran to the hill.

He dropped down to the ground and yelled out “Incoming!” and happily rolled down the hill.


This is a Studio 30+ writing prompt. Content challenge: He was sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper. When I started writing this, I had no idea where I was going. All I knew is I wanted to start it with the corner store, and end it with him sitting on a park bench dreaming of laying down in the grass. But those kids rolling down the hill caught me by surprise, so of course my old guy needed to jump in! I posted this yesterday on my creative writing site, until I develop a faithful readership over there, I thought I’d put it here today.

I used the image with the artist’s permission. Visit to view more of his incredible art.


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