Message in a Bottle

“A month alone on a deserted island?” he asked.  “Yes, I really need this time alone” she answered. “But how will I reach you, what if something happens?” he pestered. “Send me a message in a bottle” she offered. “You know I like to deliver my messages in person…” he whined.

This is a prompt from Magpie Tale. I’m working on the whole flash fiction writing approach. Got this one in 50 words.


19 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle”

  1. I really like the super short flash fiction pieces. They force you to strip away what is not important and find your focus. The more I do them, the more I find myself going back into my work and shaping and molding and cleaning. There is a time and place for flare and rumination, and there is a time and place for just getting to the damn point already. A message in a bottle. A gesture more than true communication. And gestures can hold thousands of words.


    1. 🙂 You know, its odd Tess, every Sunday I sneak a glance at your new prompt to let it mull over. This jar, in my mind – I specifically remember it as a man laying in a bottle, not sitting in a jar reading! I kept my story the same anyways…


  2. I used to do these things and I’m not sure why I stopped. Nice one. I’m with you, as long as the internet is available, I can remain semi-static, wherever I am…


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