My Tips For Living Off the Grid – A Bill Free Life!

Leo and I on our way South

Most people sit in their cubicle and day dream of a life without bills. A life with as little obligations as possible. Most people dream of a way to simply get up and leave at any given time. Most people dream of the life I am currently living, and to be honest I wish more people could live the way I do.

Why? Because that would make this place we live in a generally happier place. And you know what THAT would mean? No more road rage! Booyah! But seriously, imagine the possibilities…

Consider your living expenses:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Electricity
  • Taxes (school and municipal)
  • Phone/cable/internet
  • Oil or gas for the home
  • It’s been too long, I honestly don’t know what people pay every month.

Now consider this: not having ANY living expenses. Can it be done? How to do it?

Here are 4 easy steps towards achieving total utopia:

  1. Sell all your major belongings such as furniture. You won’t need them in this fairy tale come true. Donate or give the rest, your family will love you for it!
  2. Get a mailbox. Not a postal box (the government does not like PO’s) but a UPS Store address or a Postal Annex, anything that offers you a real street address. They are actually cheaper than a post office box, and you can get the smallest size, these professional operators will hold all your excess mail and only lose the most valuable orders you have.
  3. Buy a boat. Or a small motor home if water just isn’t your thing. If you choose a boat, then you get to stay in great anchorages. Most are free and offer a spectacular view with the best sunset dining experiences. If you choose a motor home, then any Wal-Mart parking lot can become your anchorage. Most are free and offer a spectacular view of the people of Wal-Mart with nearly decent sunset dining experiences.
  4. With the lightened load made possible by the selling/donating/trashing of your belongings, you can now move onto your anchored boat or motorhome. Trailer trash? Maybe so. But consider this: you’ve now acquired the freedom to move around, to come and go as you please. AS YOU PLEASE! You will meet like-minded people.

You will make friends with free spirited people who live a carefree life. These people are happy. These are the people still hitting the waves and surfing daily well in their 60’s. These are the people pulling their children out of school to sail across the Pacific from Mexico to Tahiti. Haven’t you always wanted to visit the French Polynesia?

You get double bonus points if among your skills are: mechanical work, electrical, plumbing and sewing. When your home has a transmission the amount of work to be done never really goes away…

I can hear you. I know what you’re saying “But I don’t like boats! I get seasick! I have kids! I have other obligations! Its too cold! What will I do with my turtles and my doll collection?”

Take a serious long hard look at your life.

Start now by discarding the excess weight. Every time you go to the store to buy a new pair of shoes or a new coat then give, throw out or donate more than what you bring in. It’s time to start to stop! Stop accumulating. Every new purchase ask yourself  “Self, do I really really need this?” and answer with brutal honesty. Every time you go ahead with an unnecessary splurge picture your dream life going away as if it were being covered with a new layer of fog.

I will leave you with this thought: remember any major transition you’ve been through in your life? Remember feeling small and vulnerable when facing the mountain of change ahead of you assuming you would never get through it? Now think of once you got through it and looked behind. Have you ever smiled and told yourself “Well that wasn’t so bad!”

And now think of the benefits. For your homework I expect to hear back from you on the first concrete step you promise to make to improve your life and make your own dream come true.

32 thoughts on “My Tips For Living Off the Grid – A Bill Free Life!”

  1. Very thought provoking. Somehow I don’t think all of my combined assets would get me there, but I’m all for ditching the excess belongings that have a way of weighing down life. It always amazes me how much stuff manages to find it’s way into my life. Little of it relevant or needed.


    1. It’s ok, just start small. Start by establishing your dream life. Then take baby steps towards it. But by simply deciding on a dream is a big step!


  2. I think it is so absolutely amazing that you do this. The man and I are planning something sort of in between you and the proles. We’re going to the beach to be “permavacationers.” We kind of joked about it earlier in life but never put serious thought into it. Over the past couple years, some things have happened that have made us reconsider the rat race and bring fantasy into the realm of reality, and we’ve actually put the plan into motion. Ditched the “career mindset” for the “doing fun shit” mindset. Finagled and did some smart stuff with our finances that will allow us to do this. Sit on the beach and learn tantra. Grow our own weed and try not to go to prison. And just generally be zen. It’s amazing the places your mind travels when you strip away societal expectations and get back to the business of being awesome.


    1. I know you’ll get there! I met a couple who do extreme yoga on the beach and even posted pictures of their naked self on their blog! That could be you… 🙂


  3. Thanks to the archaic process for getting approved for disability and being made to wait 2 years without an income, I have minimized and minimized and minimized. It’s a great feeling actually. I know longer look at possessions as a priority in life. I enjoy each day and it’s a gift. Great post.


  4. grat post and so true if we all got rid of the extra stuff weighing us down life would be more enjoyable. loved this post and thoughts it provoke in one’s mind


  5. You have no idea how big of a temptation this is to me. I’ve literally stared at the horizon a dozen times and contemplated my escape. My day will come. I believe it. Live it for me until then.


  6. It’s a great thought and we’ve been thinking it. We already spend about 30% of our time in our RV. We don’t come close to using all of our house and have been thinking about leasing it out (or taking a loss and selling it) and living in our RV for a year or two to test it out. I can only go so far though. I need internet, must have internet…


    1. I know what you’re talking about. I’m on a boat in Mexico! I have an internet usb card. I get angry if I have to wait 2 or 3 days to get access!


  7. Wow. I’m impressed that you had the courage to do this. Most of us just dream about it, but fear the change it would require. I’ve known several who tried it for a year or two, but ended up settling back down again. And while they took “real jobs” and paid bills, they still managed to keep the carefree attitude to some extent.

    I keep telling myself, 10 more years. Then the kids will be out of the house, and it will be time to do it. I’d look for a small house, in a rural place, with low taxes, where I could settle, and begin living off of the money I’ve got squirreled away. I need to have a piece of dirt underneath me to call my own.


  8. How inspiring and how very….BRAVE! We are **THIS** close to getting to live on our little slice of Montana heaven. While we won’t be entirely off the grid, we’ll be living a far simpler life. Praise be. 😀


  9. You’re also being much kinder to the environment, which is always a good thing! I would do this tomorrow if l had a way to buy food after giving up my job. LOL 🙂


  10. This is a thought-provoking article, but you didn’t mention anything on subsistence. How do you earn money for food? Clothing? Fuel or whatever for your boat?


        1. Nah, even if you put yourself in a situation where you can reduce your bills, you can still work. I’ve now been taking contracts from my boat, and we’re trying to figure out more ways to work from our boat. The purpose of this point was to reduce your expenses…. People have too many of them, and that is the biggest part of the problem.


  11. Just found do this blog… I never knew I wanted to be so free. I always worked so hard to provide the American dream for my spoiled family. House. Cars. Schools. Toys. Vacations. Careers. I have it all. Plus wife and kids. Well I have developed some health issues and honestly made me realize that I needed to step back and look at the big picture. to ask my self is this it? A secure job that I cannot fail. Normal house in normal cultasac? why have I killed myself all this time, to be so content? So bored and so stressed with all my money paying all my bills so I won’t lose any of my precious crap. Well. We decided and sold our house. Bought in cash a nice 35′ camper. With all the amenities and bunk house for the kids. Gave away all our furniture to my married off kids. Paid everything off we could to lower our bills from 7k to under 1k a month. I can still work and have enuf money to pay off everything else within one year. Then plan to buy cheap land like maybe 20 acres in a state with under 1k per year land tax. Work less and less and live off our land. I’m 36yrs old. 8 kids. 4 still young. Rest are grown and moved out adults. (I started young) I hope to stick to this plan and be able to enjoy myself from 40 to death instead of retirement when I’m too old to remember my name.


  12. I have always wanted this kind of life. I just fell for the American dream bullcrap as the only route to being productive and successful. I have been a certified workaholic since I was 16 years old and got my first job. I believed that hard work would allow me to achieve my desired lifestyle. I am currently in a job I hate. Too much stress, too much work, no work life balance and feeling trapped. Student loans are the main thing standing between me and freedom. Rampant and excessive global capitalizim and it’s faulty propaganda are forcing many people to work their lives away or to waste years of their prime years immigrating to other more economically developed lands in order to work their lives away, or to get into large amounts of student loan debt for educations that are not as good as what’s being practically given out in some 3rd world countries for pennies on the dollar. People are meant to really live, to work yes but not slave away for wants and needs perpetually. People are meant to learn but not at the cost of their freedom. This world would be a better place when we stop numbing ourselves with whatever dulls the pain of our often pointless existences as we run on the big squeaky wheel for the machine.


  13. I have a D-Day date – 20th Feb, 2016. That’s when my current work contract runs out. My parents have a farm and Bed & Breakfast, which they’re struggling to manage in their old age. It’s mutually beneficial for me to build a shack on their place and work the land for them in return: Grow our own food; keep the coins coming in for them with the B&B, and start experimenting with ways to utilize this wonderful resource (the land) to bring some coin in for myself. I’m 45yo woman and have lived and worked long enough to realize that the traditional ‘path to success’ is a lie for most of us. I’m trading it in for a life of meaning. I’m not afraid of hard work, but I want the kind that strengthens and enriches my mind body and LIFE – not the kind that slowly but surely erodes at my sense of self.
    To the author and to all of you who posted: Thank you for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to realize just how many of us there are who are ‘awakening’.


  14. I was able to breakaway from the system, and it was the best thing I ever did in my life. I sold or got rid of everything I had, then rented my house and ran away to France with 2 bags. There I learned to enjoy life for a year, but it wasn’t easy I have to admit. I was living of my rental income but at that time the USD to EURO wasn’t so great. But everything changed for me, I made new friends, lived great experiences, and felt good and healthy. Unfortunately I had to go back to work, which then led me back to my old life which I don’t like. So I’m thinking of ways to breakaway again, but at least I no longer fear the change, which I believe is the biggest thing that keeps people from improving their lives.


  15. Hello Marie and Thank You for posting your experience for others to learn from!
    I currently live out of my van, follow my passion for music and take backroads so i can spend time in nature.
    In my case, i have cell phone, car pymt, and couple other bills. No rent. No mortgage.
    Where do I live? Everywhere!!!
    Ive figured out what works and i duplicate it.
    Easy no. Rewarding? Yes. More than most will ever know.


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