Who Needs Comic-Cons and Sea Monkeys When Ya Got Bioluminescence’s!

source: http://www.explore.wingsworldquest.org

My new pastime is playing with the bioluminescence in my sink! It’s a very Star Trekkish thing. It’s like having a cross between a sea monkey and a firefly come together as a perfectly new hybrid creature I can produce with a simple foot pedal action! You think I’m lying? I love it when reality is far cooler than any fiction could ever be. Thanks to my BFF Wikipedia I can even give proof to what I say:

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Bioluminescence occurs in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as microorganisms and terrestrial animals. Symbioticorganisms carried within larger organisms are also known to bioluminesce.

See? Little mini glow in the dark sea monkeys! After a major fail of my last hobby (modge podging a cool paddle board image that went black from mold) I’m now overjoyed by my new game. Its best played at night with all the lights out. I pump and pump our little foot pedal at the kitchen sink sucking up sea water into the sink The faster I go the more action I get. And little glow in the dark stars come splashing out everywhere. It’s the coolest thing ever. Last night I told Leo about my new game which I’d been secretly keeping to myself. I turned all the lights off and asked him if he wanted to see my sea monkey light show. And I pumped away. “Are those like living?” I love it when HE’S the one who asks the stupid question, which is normally MY thing and ever so rarely HIS thing… “Of course it’s living!”


Wouldn’t YOU be afraid this “thing” would get destroyed?

My new modge podge frame is really getting covered in mold though. It’s very damp here. And I’m starting to be very very afraid for my other creation of paper mâché – watercolor – modge podge mixed media hanging on my wall… It’s got the perfect combination begging to be destroyed by all the water in the air.

Pray for me my religious peeps that it survives…


14 thoughts on “Who Needs Comic-Cons and Sea Monkeys When Ya Got Bioluminescence’s!”

    1. Whoa. Not sure. I’ve tried taking night shots underwater of it (with my hand moving through the water, it’s totally like a scene in Avatar) but sans flash it’s all black, and with a flash it’s just a hand gone all white from the bright light!


  1. Have you seen the bioluminescent jellyfish? Way cool. Especially when you’re walking down the beach at night and they get washed up on shore. Like little glowing blobs all down the beach. Super cool. I agree with Simple Dude. We need pics.


    1. I remember the first time I saw it, Leo was coming to get me on the beach in the dinghy and it looked all pimped out with fluorescent lights under it. Totally cool!


    1. JQ – Obviously you do not know me if you ask me such a question… *giggle* Im a very mature and scientific type of person of course! Maybe I’ve got a post on my discovery.


  2. That is a very cool game and just think of the work out your foot is getting with all that pumping. (hope you swap legs to keep it even)
    Sad face about the art though 😦


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