Bob & Barry

Bob joyfully agreed to become Barry’s best friend. Barry adopted Bob the day after Sophia died from an agonizing cancer. Barry’s heart needed a puppy. Bob licked Barry’s tears, licked them to the last drop. Bob made Barry laugh with his singing.

Bob had been living with Barry for five blissfully happy years when Barry met Tina. Bob accidently walked in on Barry and Tina one day. Barry was hypnotized by Tina’s teats. Bob tried and tried to bring home bitches he knew from the park. Those bitches had 8 sagging teats! Eight! Barry showed no interest. He fell under the spell of the two-teated Tina. Bob didn’t care for Tina. She smelled like a river of vanilla and sneezed in Bob’s face.

If anybody should be sneezing on anybody, it’s Bob.

Yet it was decided and agreed between Barry and Tina to say their I-do’s in front of friends and family. Bob was in charge of all the children on this festive day. He caught, he fetched, he did all the seeking they begged him to do. Although he was tired, it was his job to entertain until the last one went home with closed eyes.

The next morning Bob didn’t want to wake up. He knew the minute Barry said ‘I do’ he was homeless. Homeless because the two-teated Tina had allergies.

Bob never got back up.

This is a Studio 30+ writing prompt based on the image above.  It’s an image I actually took in Mexico in 2009. If you have an image you’d like to submit for a writing prompt – let me know!


21 thoughts on “Bob & Barry”

  1. Oh, how sad. We just lost our dog, and that’s heart breaking to think about the things our dogs know. He took care of all the kids at the wedding and then died, because the bitch (oh – excellent work with the literal meaning as foreshadowing) wouldn’t have him.


    1. I know! I can’t believe I’m crying like a baby! Over my own story!!! I knew where I wanted to go then added the last line. The last line came out of nowhere and totally took me by surprise. It’s so weird like if the story took over for me… o_0


    1. Thank you thank you thank you… Just know you contributed to this development. You and Miss Cherry (my grade 8 English teacher) your comment means the world to me.


  2. ok the premise of the tale made me smile….even though this is so sad…ugh, seriously when people get married they are just not the same…they go to the dogs you know…poor bob


  3. Oh man, this is a great story and is well-written, but it made me so sad. Dog allergy would be a total deal breaker for me relationship-wise (great teats or not!). I love the photo too. Excuse me while I go blow my nose.


  4. Very sad. It makes me angry. I was raised in a dog family. I saw the magic they have on grief and the hearts of humans. They are family members. You don’t toss them aside as an old pair of shoes. The love is real. I have seen it.


  5. Love this! Not the outcome for poor Bob, obviously, but the matter-of-fact presentation. I also like the realism. Not all endings are happy, and that’s okay.


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