I Failed at Giving Up

This is a self portrait of myself. Under water. In a pool. Giving up and failing miserably. Because I’m flailing too much.

You know that thing they do in the movies to prove to us how the character has given up? They jump in a pool and sink down to the bottom. And stay there.

That doesn’t work for me. I’m a floater. I have to work extra hard to stay down. Kicking. Waving my arms. All that activity does not scream “I give up!” No. It simply doesn’t. It screams “I’m a spaz!”

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

The problem with trying to give up. And failing. And kicking. And waving your arms frantically under water is it will make you laugh. At yourself at first. But once you’ve got that laughter coming out strong the first thing you will need is to allow water’s gravity to pull you back up to surface. And breathe. And laugh again. Now you don’t really know what you’re laughing at. Or about. But you’re laughing. And you have no idea whatsoever as to what made you drop in the pool hoping to imitate Julian in his skivvies and black boots and the bottle of beer. (The Matador)

Suddenly all that nonsense of giving up is gone. Vanished with your chuckles. Smelling like chlorine. An April fresh clean feeling will wipe away any lost hope. Oh and what the hell, if all else fails at least you can proudly announce to all who care that you can now cross failing at giving up off your bucket list!

p.s. I wanted to save this for a Monday morning post. But obviously I couldn’t do the waiting til manana part.

p.s.s. I wish I knew how to add the curly kews on top of the n for a proper manana. I’ll save that one for tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “I Failed at Giving Up”

  1. see laughter is great medicine…and being on the bottom of the pool is over rated…unless the beer is really that good…oo and i learned a new trick in the above comment…


  2. Failing at giving up is definitely something to be proud of 🙂

    I’m not great at giving up, either. Mainly because I’m not a strong swimmer and like to wear inflatable armbands (metaphorically, of course).


  3. I can’t even jump in the water. Can’t swim. Have no lung capacity. You are very good at drawing though. Have you been playing this game called Draw Something that everybody supposedly is, except of course me, because I can’t draw either.


    1. Never heard of the draw something game. But it sounds like my kind of game. I’m always the last to hear of a trend. Like making snow angels in June. It just doesn’t work in the sand. Thanks for the compliment although my artist friends would chuckle at the thought that somebody thinks I can draw! hahaha!


  4. I am a floater too. Thankfully, as I am not a good swimmer either.
    As for giving up..well it depends. I know I am not good at giving up treats. Wish I was, I might be slimmer


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