World Up Down Side

by Chagall

With a tissue she wiped off her smile
She fell into the dressing room
…to say she walked off the stage would be a lie
Mommy! I’m scared, make the clown disappear
She could hear the lights

Even her soul.
Out of breath she’d given them everything
That didn’t work so she fell on her wet face
…dump on her face
That didn’t work so she gave him a bucket of water to

From a dance, to a pirouette to singing the lasagna song
One by one she delivered her top 40 hits

Like an earth shattering kaboom
With open arms, smiling eyes and a searching smile
She exploded on stage giving her polished “Youppiiii!”
Right on cue “Aaaaand NOW – Lollipop!

This is a Magpie Tale.  Best read from bottom to top. People don’t like clowns. People fear clowns. Clowns want nothing more than to give smiles. Clowns are a gift of love. That’s why I actually wrote this backwards.


17 thoughts on “World Up Down Side”

  1. Brilliant and so true people fear clowns and yet i love them and their ability to hide behind a painted on smile


    1. But that’s just it! There is no such thing as an evil clown. Stephen King killed my heart…
      😦 Oh well, I have other dreams in my pocket!


  2. I’ve never heard of a magpie before. I’m glad you chose to put the hint to read it from bottom to top at the bottom so the reader could read it both ways. Very clever!!


    1. Thanks Jessey! Magpie’s are cool. It’s a weekly writing prompt based solely on an image. On average over 100 writers submit stories (mainly poems but) and these are amazing writers!


  3. I’ve never considered a clown’s feelings before this. But I know all too well what it feels like to put your all into what you’re doing & have it go unappreciated. This was brilliant!


    1. When I talk about clowns, I exclude all those of the Barnum & Bailey type. They’re a joke. No pun intended. I’m talking about the real kind. The kind I trained to become but when moving to the States I realized that although it’s a pretty friggin big country, there is no place for a clown like that. Real clowns really do give everything that’s real about them (how real is that?) Ever heard of the Clowns Without Borders? Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about… Those guys are the true unsung heroes of our times.


  4. I don’t fear clowns. I don’t like them and am not sure why. I have actually been slowly trying to work on a blog post about this hatred… maybe it would be therapeutic!

    This was an interesting post though. I like how you wrote it. I haven’t seen that before and it was cool to read it that way. Nicely done!


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