Hate: The Other 4-Letter Word

I hate that most of my creams explicitly require to be kept in ambient temperature under 25 degrees Celcius. All I have below 25 is my fridge, but I don’t think that’s ambient. Plus I think I’d be grossed out to find some of my “special” needs creams in the fridge.

I hate being imposed upon. I don’t say no very well. People know that and take advantage of it. This is not what I consider a friendly thing to do. I know I should learn to say no.

I hate extreme heats. I just can’t take the heat! I fall apart and become way too sluggish.

I hate my trackpad. It’s slowly becoming a rectangle of uselessness on my computer. Highlighting and clicking now requires 5-7 re-takes.

I hate word capchas. They drive me nuts! And while I’m on the topic of stuff I hate with blogs – black background with white or yellow font. Looks cool and artsy but with my eyes? All I see is black speckles after.

I hate perfection. I can’t stand it when people have to achieve it all the time! Give it up! Even Martha Stewart went to jail with her perfectly matching set of tea cups and towels! Put some stripes with some dots and a brown skirt topped off with socks of miss matching colors! Be bold! Make a statement!

I hate being called disgusting for liking or doing something only later to hear the same person rant and rave about discovering something new and amazing – which was the exact same thing she considered disgusting.

I hate it when people don’t own up to their mistakes “I never did that!” “I never said that!” Own it.

I hate endives. It’s a bitter vegetable that leaves nothing but a horrible taste in my mouth.

I hate it when somebody makes me feel stupid for not knowing something he or she just learned an hour ago. (Doug Stanhope)

I hate it when people steal ideas from others but claim them as their own.

I hate my addiction to the internet.

I hate that I cry easily.

I hate people who “I know” everything. Stop it. It’s not even possible to “I know” everything. And it’s annoying. (And don’t say “I know”)

I hate throwing up.

I hate haters. Stop hating all the time. The world is a beautiful place.

I hate intolerance. Hate’s pretty big for a four letter word. Learn to not only tolerate differences but to appreciate them. You just may fall in love with something weird and exotic!


25 thoughts on “Hate: The Other 4-Letter Word”

  1. And I love this. Perhaps I will steal your idea and claim it as my own? Nevah! I’d at least steal your idea and give you credit. I wrote “steak” instead of “steal” in the sentence before this one. But then I changed it. Obviously. I have a weird thing about crying. I can go 2 or 3 years without a single tear, but then all of a sudden cry during a lunchmeat commercial. It’s weird. Extreme heats. I’m the opposite. Me and cold, yeah, we don’t get along. I will actually start stomping and fold my arms like a 3-year-old and demand to seek warmth immediately. It’s shamefully undignified. True story- I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an endive and a can opener. And perfection is subjective. I seek perfection every day. The perfect me laughs in the face of superlatives, has no regrets, and never forgets what zen feels like in the valleys between the times she feels it.

    I feel sad for people who try to make others feel stupid. It’s such a stark and unmistakeable pretense. It makes them look so small and lifeless. I could not imagine hauling around the weight of that need all the time.

    Learn to say no. You must. It’s a freedom thing. I have found that saying it in a forceful, not cruel, just definitive way is much easier than eeking out an “I’m so sorry, but I just can’t…..” No. I just come right out with, “You must be outta your f*ckin’ mind if you think I’m gonna blankety blankety blank!” Try it. It’s fun!


    1. Steal it! I always write steak instead of other stuff, I went to write taking a walk and wrote taking a steak, I burped was I steaked, etc. πŸ™‚ As a kid I could laugh and cry simultaneously until I started hiccuping. I was a mess as a kid.


    1. Hahaaha! When you said blog butt I thought you meant a blog butt as in ass, as in something else about blogging I hated! Ha! I can make one if you want… πŸ˜‰


      1. I wonder what was going on in my house that I wrote butt anyway. I meant button. But I’m sure that leaving off the ‘on’ was Freudian. I mean, I have a five year old who has just discovered the beauty of the full moon, if you know what I mean. And I can just stick in a text acknowledgment, too if that works better for you! But I want to know what your cyber house looks like!


  2. I love that you hate so many of the same things I hate. I have to remind myself it’s okay to say no all the time & can’t stand the heat. Likewise for hypocrites, idea thieves and haters.


  3. i hate that no matter how hard I try you always suck in with your post i’m addicted to your writing ok maybe i don’t hate bu tin fact love it but still i should be going to bed instead i’m hear reading what you wrote


    1. I first read this as “how hard you always suck” and my first thoughts were that your account had been hacked. Then I really read it and – what a relief! Thanks πŸ™‚


  4. I love this post.
    And I love Steak, however I write it.
    I lose my zen from time to time, usually an act of extreme violence or some cleansing pain brings it back.
    I don’t hate many things, and fewer humans.
    Not that I like them. I don’t, I just don’t hate them.
    I hate Juggalos.
    This post, is entirely jugga-free. Which means that, I love it.


    1. A colleague once told me my special quality was the capacity to insult somebody, with a smile and he’d thank me. Then about an hour later would realize how deeply I’d insulted him. What are juggalos? I need to google that one now!


      1. Juggaloes are followers of the ICP, (insane clown posse) and drinkers of Faygo soda. There is a bookish sort of thing about them called “American Juggalo” and a few Docu-Mocku_mentories. The Bastard cousin and I have each had a few run ins with the obese clown painted ones.
        Wait a second…!!!!…
        Did you insult me? I missed it entirely. πŸ™‚


  5. Love this!

    It seems we both hate a lot of the same things!

    I also have someone in my life who likes to keep me where she can see me, ie, Facebook, but won’t reply to emails when I write her wondering if she still wants to be friends. Your metaphor of your friend keeping you on the shelf like a book she will never read, really hot home. So, thank you.


          1. I’d tell you to quit your job, sell everything you own and buy a boat but I’m afraid of Abby. With her recent post she may come and strangle me. You don’t mess with Abby.


          2. Ha! I’m sure Abby would encourage me to go and live on a boat (as long as I promise to take her with me) πŸ™‚


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