LOVE: My Favorite 4-Letter Word

I love Nancy Sinatra’s song Bang-Bang. Admittedly I never listen to lyrics, yet this song brings images of two lovers who kill each other because their love is too strong. (And now I’m totally re-shaping any impression you had of me.)

I love how I can jump in the water at any given time – the ocean is at my fingertips – for an instant cool down.

I love that when Leo goes anywhere without me he comes back saying how everybody was asking about me. He always tells me how much people love me. Gosh that makes me feel all kinds of good inside.

I love my MacBook.

I love discovering a new blog. It’s like a new world is out there waiting for me to discover. Some bloggers are amazing writers, others have design talents down to a T and most make me laugh out loud crazy. Bloggers are a wonderful fun bunch of people.

I love when accidents happen. Not accidents that involve fastly (since when is fastly not a word – you knew what I was talking about right? Screw you spellchecker) moving cars mind you. But accidents as in stuff that was unexpected and provide the least expected outcomes that end in bursts of laughter – laughs so hard you have to check just in case you pee’d yourself (or sharted yourself).

I love feeling like a trendsetter. I love when I do something, when I’m pretty much the only person to do that new something and then slowly start noticing others in my entourage who do the same thing. Yeah, that’s way cool.

I love my capacity to laugh at my mistakes.

I love how Leo wakes up in the morning and the first thing he does is he smiles at me. I will never get over this. It’s the most awesome way to start a day.

I love the smell of coffee.

And bacon.

I love saying hi to strangers and being hello’d in return with a friendly smile.

I love Trident Bubblemint gum.

I love that I will never grow up.

I love watching the fish light up with bioluminescence at night. It’s like a fireworks display in the water. Beyond amazing.

I love how the best things in life are free.

I love my life even if I’m unemployed and I have no clue whatsoever as to what kind of work I’ll be doing next. (And I know even less about when that “next’ will happen.)

I love when my phone rings and it’s not a wrong number or a telemarketer.

I love walking into a movie theater after randomly picking a movie I know nothing about and it ends up being one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Ferris Bueller anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

I love laughing.

I love the sound of Leo’s voice.

I love when a strange dog walks up to me, wagging his tail and giving me a dog smile and comes and plops his face on my laps. (Laps. I just now learned that although we have 2 legs, it doesn’t give us 2 laps, unless we’re running or swimming… Thanks Aimee!)

I love when a child smiles at me.

I don’t know how to top that last one. Mexican children are fascinated with me. I have blonde’ish hair. This is not a very common thing in Mexico, at least not in this real Mexico where I’m at. They stare at me. Big innocent eyes looking up at me. And I smile and say “Hola!” and then they giggle. They give me the best gift anybody can ask for – a warm smile with hints of admiration.

What do you love?


29 thoughts on “LOVE: My Favorite 4-Letter Word”

  1. YOU! Oh… wait… okay, sorry. Umm… I love that you say “laps.” That’s awesome. When I lived in South Korea, the Koreans loved me. The first time, my hair was dyed black, and people asked me all the time if I was part Korean. They’d start speaking to me in hangul and I’d get this dumbfounded look on my face. And then the 2nd time I lived there, I had my little white-blondheaded boys. They’d get their little heads rubbed in public everywhere we went. I finally decided to bite the bullet and learn a little Korean. After that, it was all over. I never paid full price for anything and we got invited to dinner at random people’s homes every weekend. There is NOTHING more awesome than a BBQ street party in a tiny rural village with a big screen TV rolled out in the middle of the street to watch the World Cup and a dog tail sticking out of a pot on a two-burner stove. Best. Fun. EVER.

    I smile and wave at strangers ALL the time. It’s fun to see people who have a scowl on their face all of a sudden start to smile. I always wonder to myself if that is the first and only time they’ve smiled all day long, and if it was, then it was all because of ME! And people spend their whole lives trying to make their mark on the world, when all they had to do was smile….


    1. It’s not “laps” ?

      Aren’t there 2 of them? Bwahahaha! 0_o Do you have any idea how long it took me to get comics vs cartoons right? And seat vs bench? Did you know a bicycle doesn’t come with a chair or a bench? These are the language subtleties that will forever follow me.


  2. that is a really cool list…i like good accidents as well…smiles…and who does love people talking about them…smiles….i love days like today when i can play with my boys…


  3. I love when my boyfriend rolls over and snuggles up to me in his sleep. Because he’s sleeping, I know it’s sincere (not that he’s insincere when he’s awake, but you know what I mean). I love the first few moments after I’m done cleaning the whole house and it smells fresh. It’s like a mini renewal. I love when my dog shoves his head under my arm while I’m writing and nudges my hand off the keyboard as if to say, “Write later! Play now!” I love when I get together with my siblings and cousins and we talk about when we were little. I love summer. And fall. And spring. I love all the seasons, except winter. I only love winter when there’s enough winter to keep me home, snuggled on the couch with my boy, my dog, and a pile of movies.


  4. I love the kinds of accidents you love (not the kind I had last Friday!). And I agree with you also about loving new blogs!! Nothing more fun.

    And laps? I figured it was a French translation thing, and it tickled me, so keep it!


  5. I love so many things about my life. Mostly though, it’s the little things.
    About the kids… I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Japan. Whenever we go we stay with my wives relatives (she’s Japanese) and hardly ever hit the big tourist spots. Mostly neighborhood places or the ones the locals would go to. Not many (if any) white folks in those places. I always get a ton of stares and the kids seem to really like seeing me. Whenever we have to take our shoes off in a public places, the people always comment on the size of my shoes. Typing this makes me want to get back there….


  6. I love your list especially the one about a child’s smile so beautiful and i’m all for bacon and coffee


  7. A wonderful list.
    I love finding new blogs too.
    I love random hugs from my gorgeous boys
    I love my iPad
    I love my Girl Cave
    I love laughing and drinking and eating with great friends
    I love packages in the mail
    I love new art supplies and the smell of new canvas and starting a new painting
    Oh I better stop or this will be an entire blog post in a comment


  8. I love this post, especially when juxtaposed to the “hate” post from a couple of days ago. There are so many things I could add and I agree with a bunch of the things on your list. But so I don’t ramble on and on, I’ll say I love the smell of baking bread and coffee, even though I can’t drink coffee. I love my cup of Kukicha tea, my computer and the couch at night while I watch the ballgame and play with the cat. I love watching nature and being unplugged. I love sleeping with the windows open in the summer. I love that I hate getting to the end of a great book and when I get a magazine or random card in the mail. I love sending surprises in the mail to people who least expect them. I love random people smiling and being nice and seeing elderly couples holding hands. Damn. I rambled anyway. I’ll leave it at that 😉


    1. Elderly people holding hands – that’s a good one! Love seeing that too, especially when you know they’re not married to somebody else.

      p.s. now why did I have to go and ruin a perfectly good image?


  9. Things I love (a condensed version):

    I love the feeling I experience when I run. It’s just me and the road ahead, it’s exhilerating.

    I love the way my nephew and niece greet me with fake Northern UK accents. It always make me smile.

    I love the deep connection I have with my girlfriend. I swear that we see each others soul.

    I love waking up to sunshine streaming through the window.

    I love listening to the rain beat against the window, especially when I am in bed.

    I love mac and cheese.

    I love talking with my closest friends, especially in dark, cosy bars, over red wine and candlelight.

    I love singing my heart out in my car.

    I love it when a stranger smiles at me. I always smile back.


    1. Mac and cheese hunh? Do you also like the cafeteria kind where the mac no longer really looks like macaroni? Leo LOVES that kind. I’d rather eat macaroni with some clamato juice, pesto and parmesan cheese. I call it my adult mac & cheese!


  10. Great post! I love the smell of coffee and I love seeing my guy’s face first thing in the morning. I love the first hug from my kids when they get off the airplane. 🙂


    1. It’s the little things that count right? Stupid little things can ruin wonderful big things, and I also believe great little wonders can totally transform a horrible situation! Don’t start tomorrow…


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