I’m Scared and I’m Crossing the Sea of Cortez

Looks calm…

Leavin’ Mazatlan! Trying to sing that to the tune of Leavin’ Las Vegas just doesn’t work well, does it?

I’d show you the wind and wave maps, but… Weird stick figures. Max 2-metre waves coming from the South-West (hitting from the side with that slight sense of discomfort) and winds mainly from the South at 15 knots – tops. Looks good. (Ohmygodohmygod I accidently wrote god instead of good – hope it’s not a sign of who I’ll meet on my way. Goshdamit now I’ve just jinxed it. I may as well just stay here where the prediction for the next 2 months is thunder storm. Daily. Lightning. Sailboat. Long mast. Attracts lighting.  I’mgettingoutofhere NOW!)

I won’t hide it from you – these crossings scare the bejesus out of me. Wish I could tell you how brave I am. Wish I could tell you I’m all calm, cool and collected. Wish I had a million dollars and a golden lab puppy. But – let’s face it: I’m a chicken-shit, frantic, delusional, loca, shaking-in-her-shorts, puppyless, broke, and jobless chick with nice breath (what can I say – I floss daily).

There. I said it.

Sorry to disappoint you. I’m scared. And will be doing what I always do: face my fears yet again. Wish me luck and keep your fingers and toes and eyes crossed for me for the next 48 hours. Hasta la vista baby! (That last sentence is for my Mexican amigos y amigas. Not that they read my blog. They don’t. I don’t think so. Eeek! I’m rambling. I really am nervous aren’t I?)


26 thoughts on “I’m Scared and I’m Crossing the Sea of Cortez”

    1. Yeah. I’m sure I’ll be fine if not nauseous – but I’m still shaking in my panties. No wait – I’m not wearing any but don’t tell anyone (my mom reads my blog!)


    1. Do you have any idea the amount of things I’ve done while shaking and wishing I had a bed to hide underneath? hahaha! Actually I was so proud last storm we were in – I wasn’t scared. Maybe that’s how one feels in the face of death. Ha! Brr…


      1. Yes! We had one go right over us once, in Arkansas. It picked up a truck and trailer a couple of miles from us and put it in a field. Sca-ry!


  1. Scared, yet you stick with it! That is something to be proud of. I’d also say that the ocean is something to be respected and afraid of sometimes. It’s all part of your great adventure!


    1. Well, when you enter Mexico you only need to report when you touch land and there happens to be an Immigration office nearby. When we return to San Diego we must go directly to the transient dock where there’s a phone to call an Immigration-Customs officer who drives out from the airport to meet you. It’s pretty straight forward as long as you’ve got all the documents. I’d hate to see what would happen if somebody didn’t stop there. I’m sure the coast guard would be all over you!


  2. I’m not gonna blow any blogsmoke up your ass and say everything will be fine because the truth is, I’d probably be terrified, too. I’ve seen far too many episodes of “I SHould Be Alive” on the Discovery channel, I think….. But. You have to be fine regardless. Because what the hell would I do without you??


  3. You are not alone in being scared shitless I am often scared shitless which is why I like to have a toilet close by just in case……….lol I am like Deus I have seen too many episodes of shows like “I shouldn’t be alive” or “I survived”…………


    1. We saw a shark! And by “we” I mean “he” and by saw a shark I mean a fin going back and forth around the boat. I think it was a shark.


      1. Now that is really cool. I have seen small sharks while snorkeling in Fiji but never when I have been on a boat. Dolphins yes, sharks, nope.
        Any idea how big?


  4. I always see you fearless and brave! Even when you are scared. I am glad you shared this as it makes me feel better about all my fears. BUT, you faced it. You keep crossing those oceans.

    You are fearless and brave.


    1. That’s why I posted it. I was inspired by a blogger who talked about all her fears and knowing I’m perceived as fearless yet I am so not fearless… Wish I was! But thanks – I actually like being seen that way, maybe eventually I’ll become it.


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