Seventy-eight Straight Hours

We left Cabo San Lucas Monday morning. Seventy-eight straight hours later we anchored at the halfway point in Turtle Bay. Our intention was to anchor mid-way (between Cabo and Turtle Bay) but the sea was so calm we decided to take advantage of it. You never know what the next day will bring…

Seventy-eight straight hours.

I finished one book. Read a second one. Then started in on a 3rd one. I’m halfway done on that one. Avid reader you think? I also now have 5 posts ready for posting!

Seventy-eight straight hours.

I took pictures of my reflexion in the water, captured dolphins on film, took pictures of the moon at night above silvery waters, took pictures of the sunset and the sunrise. I even took pictures of myself making weird faces trying out different attitudes. I look silly when I try to look arrogant.

Seventy-eight straight hours.

And now we’re anchored in Turtle Bay. I’d take pictures of this place but it’s a depressing little village. It’s cold. Once we full up with fuel (we’re empty, or very close to it), stock up and confirm the weather is good for take off – we’ll be taking off!

Here’s some of my pictures from the past seventy-eight straight hours.

Avoid getting trapped in their nets!
Can you see my self doubt?
Dolphin duo in a fake crayon look… ツ
I had the moon to my left just as to my right was…
A sunrise!

12 thoughts on “Seventy-eight Straight Hours”

  1. The fake-crayon dolphins are the best. The longest crossing my sister in law and her boyfriend ever made was four days. I couldn’t stay awake long enough in any situation. I’d get glassy eyed and we’d all be sleeping with the fishes. Stay safe, bonne chance, and may the force be with you as you finish crossing the sea.


      1. HA! worry about you? Well the news are in, I will always worry about you or maybe I will always worry when you are in a precarious situation, on a boat with high waves, still my little girl. Well I still like the word girls except when some waiter asks well “Girls,. what will yo have?” At that moment I feel like answering something rude, but I keep quiet. Once a waiter called me MY LOVE, well I told him, I was not his love. Result my club sandwich had a great big hole in the bottom slice.. I didn’t complain because I know what they do, they take the food back to the kitchen, repair it and then they spit on it before they bring it back to the customer, This GIRL barely touched her meal and left no tip. IDIOT


  2. It’s usually a good thing to be able to catch up on things and just be….
    But, If I had to stay in one place as small as your boat or our RV for “seventy-eight straight hours,” I’d be deep into cabin fever and start typing “all work and no play makes Pat a dull boy.” over and over…
    Like your photos a lot!


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