We walked for miles. The sun was shining. Without clouds its rays were relentless. The roads spat loads of dust up into our already dry mouthes. Everywhere we enquired offered a negative answer. Nada. Our next crossing would last three days, we couldn’t embark on such a journey empty handed.

Survival Mode.

Regardless of our endless supply of water – the world will end in three days, if our last bottle won’t make it – how could we?

This is a Trifecta challenge:  The world will end in three days. What with my current reality – how could I come up with anything else than this for such a prompt. These are pressing issues.


9 thoughts on “Deserted”

  1. If my world was to end it three days I would want to spend it with all my family, I an not afraid of the world ending as long as I am with my family everything will be ok……………that said I would also like to spend one night getting drunk and being a little silly just a little more fun if I am with my sisters……..drinking…………


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