The State of my Development

Lucille: He’s fine. I’ll be in the hospital bar.
Michael: Mother, there is no hospital bar.
Lucille: Oh. That must be why people hate hospitals.
Michael: …
Lucille: Bwahahaha!

Arrested Development. I downloaded every season. Why is it that Cheers and M*A*S*H lasted like 12 years and Arrested Development only lasted 4 years. (I must agree with some of you, I honestly did love M*A*S*H – my mom and I would watch it sharing the couch, my head resting on her butt. It made sense at the time.) But Arrested Development? Such a great show with tremendous writing. You know – I love using that word – tremendous. To be honest, I don’t even know what it means. Does it mean a lot? Or maybe a lot of good-good stuff? Yeah, I could google it. But I won’t.

John From Cincinnati. Now there was another tremendous show. It only aired one season. A partial season of 8 episodes. Set in Southern San Diego or Imperial Beach. It was a story about a surfing family and a boy post surfing accident. It played with notions of god. Without ever talking about god nor without ever being a Hallmark’ish Stairway to Heaven tackiness type of bs. Stairway to Heaven – how long did THAT air? Too long. I need to be a program director.

Last year, in the blogosphere, a rumor was running around that Arrested Development was coming back. It was a general common agreement that this rumor was good news. Tremendous news to me. “To” me or “for” me? I’m not stupid, I’m French. Some small linguistic details go sliding way over my head. Like the definition of tremendous. If I knew the translation, maybe I’d get a better understanding of the word. Maybe. I may be French, but my vocabulary isn’t that much better in my mother tongue.

Sometimes I think our brain can only hold a certain amount of words. Regardless of the language, there is a limit. The more I learn new words in Spanish, the more my brain is wiping out certain words in French or in English. That’s why I often stop mid-sentence at a loss for words. Literally. I can’t go on because I have no clue of the word I intended to say. So I’ll work around it. A towel becomes a piece of cloth to wipe myself with. A wrench becomes a thing to tighten bolts with. That’s twice now that I end a sentence improperly. I was hoping you hadn’t noticed so I pointed it out in case you had – so you’d know that I knew.

I am. Je suis. In Spanish it is either Yo soy or Yo estoy. But in reality all you need to say is Soy or Estoy. I am sick. Estoy enferma. I am from Canada. Soy de Canada. I am in Mexico. Estoy en México. I wish I knew what (which?) words I lost in order to learn those. I’ll find out whenever I’ll try to pull them out of my vocabulary tool box. My fingers will be blindly searching for the right tool and they’ll come back out empty.

My development appears to have been arrested. Ooh! Talking about Arrested Development… I hope the rumors were true and I can’t wait for it to come back.

Images: 20th Century Fox Television

17 thoughts on “The State of my Development”

  1. They make medications for that, ya know.
    I kid 😉
    Never seen Arrested Development. I watch completely useless crap with no real threads or brilliance or social consciousness anywhere to be found. I love Family Guy and Robot Chicken. I own every episode of the Greatest American Hero and Lost in Space. Wonder Woman. Oh yeah. Loved that one. The Big Bang Theory. The Walking Dead. Yeah. I have little shame. Hey. I used to be the treasurer of the Spanish National Honor Society in high school. It’s true. So your first language is French?


    1. Robot Chicken! LOVE IT! Have you ever watched Squidbillies??? Most awesome cartoon ever! The illustrations are mind boggling. I love Adult Swim…


  2. Snicker. I didn’t even notice the grammatical irregularities. But you did remind me of my own linguistic struggles. I forget regular common words all the time. Scott is very good at translating from the Jessie. (I have my own tongue. In my mouth and the kind you speak.) Anyway. I’ll describe something in outrageous length when I only wanted to say ‘fruit’ or ‘basket’ or .. … “where’s that thing I answer all the time and yell at people on?”… ‘phone’.


  3. Arrested Development not a show I have ever watched always thought I would like the show but never got around to watching it………..MASH though I have seen all the episodes over and over again it is one of hubby’s all time favourite shows……..


  4. It happens. I tried to think of another way to say that but… ya know.

    I always thought “Working” with that guy who starred as Kevin in “The Wonder Years” was a pretty good show. For the first season anyway. After that, the Hollywood execs completely changed EVERYTHING. It never made it to season 3.


  5. I haven’t seen Arrested Development. I really don’t watch that much tv so I am not sure it even made it down under.
    As for your grammar, I never notice such things. Truly, I am usually too busy immersing myself in your beautiful way of saying things that I couldn’t care less about silly rules


  6. Arrested Development not a show I have ever watched always thought I would like the show but never got around to watching it but MASH loved it and still watch reruns


  7. I truly love your stream of consciousness style. And I, too, used to share the couch with my mom and rest my head on her butt. It made sense to me immediately. Sometimes I wish I could still do that with her.


  8. Every time I see or hear the words “Arrested Development,” I think about the band, not the TV show. I wasn’t over the moon about the TV show, but it pretty good.
    I have too many words in my head. Unfortunately, most of them are swear words…


        1. Bored to Death! Yes. Brilliant! See how I totally forget words, expressions, names? It’s a killer. Anyways, does it still run? I may have to download that as well


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