Hope… The Final Frontier


The undying desire
for a change
and the utter
belief that change
will occur
for the better.

When does one become hopeless? Is it when there is no desire for change or is it when there is no longer any belief that positive change will happen?

giving up.

When you don’t even have hope – what DO you have?

Leo tells me “don’t give up hope just yet” when I tell him I should just go make sandwiches in some Panera Bread or Subway. I make killer sandwiches. Who am I to deprive the world of my truly amazing sandwich-making-gift? To him, that would be the same as giving up.

He refuses to let me give up.
Reminds me I’m not there yet.
Not there yet...

It’s a glimmer
A flicker.
It’s when your body still shimmers
and vibrates when you think of the possibilities.

Oh the possibilities
lining up
in an endless way
flaunting me just a tad bit beyond reach.
If only I could stand on the itty bitty
point of my tippy toes
so my arm cold reach further.
I wiggle my fingers.
I jump.
Lean in.
Always leaning in.
Always pushing.

So not very becoming.

Yet, I still start every single day by thinking “today is the day“.

The beautiful and inspiring Liz (iampisspot and runnerstood) tagged me in this hope relay. I feel honored beyond words that she tagged me. Right now, at this moment – all I hope for is to find meaningful work. Meaningful meaning creating community change. Meaningful meaning doing something that contributes in a small way towards making the world a better place.

I’ve been searching since December 2010. And I will not give up.

Now it’s time to tag somebody else. I am tagging fellow bloggers who may also be searching for a special somethingJoanne from joannerambling, Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress and Vinny from As Vinny C’s It. Tag – you’re it!


17 thoughts on “Hope… The Final Frontier”

  1. I loved this so, so much–especially the last line. For the record, I have always found you inspiring and positive, even when I don’t feel that way myself. And also? Working in a coffee shop/cafe making fun drinks and sandwiches was my favorite job ever 😉


    1. Your comment means the world to me. Thank you! (not the coffee shop part, but ok that too, it’s encouraging – i’ll just shut up now)


  2. Hope gone viral 😉 The world needs more yous. Hope and passion and inspiration. You know, if you never find your definition of meaningful work, you can always grow some meaning with the dirt you’re given. You already carry the sunshine with you.


    1. I almost tagged you but then I thought you were too cool for this kind of thing, like awards so I sneezed on somebody else instead! And thanks for the sunshine comment, it’s very similar to one of the nicest compliments my mom ever gave me.


  3. Well spoken. And no, you should not give up. There is work available, and given who you are, it’s always possible that you will MAKE the job. Figure out what nobody else is doing and solicit funds. Make your own nonprofit so you can earn a legitimate salary from it and then do awesome.


    1. I’m kind of going in that direction – I have this thing called Gazebo Productions in the works. As far as starting a non-profit – irk, I’ve worked a lot with projectBelieve (a small project bringing Christmas to forgotten kids in psych wards) and trust me – it is years and years in the making! For now, its volunteer and actually my phone rang this afternoon to help out with 2 local events. I start Monday. Volunteer is a big step in the right direction… Thanks for the idea though!


  4. You tagged me, thank you now I am already thinking about a hope post of my own……….don’t know if it will be as good and as moving as yours but I will give it a try…………


  5. loved the ending I will start every day by saying “Today is the Day” brilliant because without hope what do we really have


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