The Wolf Went Ahead And Had The Lamb: A Fable?

The wolf ate her whole with his eyes. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill” said the little lamb. “It’s okay, I run away when my prey carries more than herself” said the wolf.

Trifextra Challenge: Tell us an original fable in exactly 33 words. Moral of the story is wolves – they be wolves, yo!

But in all honesty, I doubt there is anything original in this fable. And like Jessie – I so totally hated fables but specifically anything coming from Jean de la Fontaine unless it was highly illustrated. Being French, his famous fables were inevitable in school. Moral of MY story is: Too bad Poe wasn’t French (?)


6 thoughts on “The Wolf Went Ahead And Had The Lamb: A Fable?”

    1. *giggle* I actually had to go back and edit because I actually freuded myself by typing “hole” rather than whole. Ha! I crack myself up. And to tell the truth, I’d shout out to you daily – I’m in awe 😉


  1. Growing up in the south, when one says the word “fable,” the only thing I think of is Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby. Stuffed full of old culture and suthun’ charm with the sly and underhanded hiding behind a stereotype. Southerner’s rock that strategy. Wolves. They are wolves, for sure. Muscle and teeth and silent feet. But little lambs should know better than to wander into wolf territory.


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