A Day In The Life… This is MY Fantasy!

This is me. It’s MY fantasy right?
image source: Victoria’s Secret (duh)

Because I am still a woman-of-the-people, I start my day (followed by a deep tissue massage by my hunk Leo – of course this goes without saying) at Panera Bread Co. and prepare my world-famous-secret-recipe Marie-Wich. I know, it makes me sound like a witch, but trust me, one bite into my sandwich and you’ll be wondering why I’m not a participant on running Hell’s Kitchen and think I had to use witchcraft to make such a creation.

Towards the end of my woman-of-the-people shift, my derby peeps roll in and improvise a live flash mob derby demo in the middle of the restaurant. Plates crash, coffee is spilt, the boss looks at me with an angry face, I raise my leg over the counter and show my skate. He laughs, wags a finger in my direction and picks up the mess. He’s my bitch.  And that’s why I love him. That and I am a woman-of-the-people…

I back up and do a double foot-jump over the counter and join in on the derby fun. As I’m doing a perfect transition (this goes without saying), they remind me of our lunch at that cool car-booth restaurant. Since I know you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, I don’t need to waste words describing the place – yeah it’s THAT place and (a) of course it exists in real life and (b) it’s in San Diego. Duh.

Rob Dyrdek (from Fantasy Factory – keep up) has been begging us for over a year now to teach him to play dirty derby so he can feature a He VS She derby bout at the Factory. Let’s be real here. Men and derby? Pfff. They only wish they could skate like a girl. The only reason we agreed to meet him is because he’s footing the bill and he’s bringing Tony Hawk. They’re hoping he’ll be the jammer, ha! Funny right?

I order the five dollar milk shake and a ribeye. Bloody as hell. Goes without saying. Throughout the lunch Rob is impressed with my improvisational skills and my wit. Why wouldn’t he be? I have him laughing so hard, he starts to pee his pants as soon as he sees me open my mouth to say something. I tell him to calm down and offer him a package of Depends. He offers me a contract. With my cold hand from holding the five dollar milk shake we seal the deal. Of course he grabs the Depends. I now find myself in charge of all social media for the Fantasy Factory.

I wonder how I can swing that job with my woman-of-the-people morning job and my night job planning and organizing all of San Diego’s LIVE downtown festivities. Then I remember, it’s my fantasy and of course I have behind me a wonderful and competent staff of 20! They’ll pick up the pieces.

We roll out of the restaurant. Rob has a huge butt. Is he wearing the Depends or is that just how it is for a skateboarder? Tony (Hawk, I haven’t forgotten he was there, but Rob was monopolizing the conversation) runs up to me and wonders if I’d like to join him and his family for an afternoon paddleboard ride. Of course. It goes without saying. He wants me to mentor his daughter into becoming a strong, independent and badass woman chick. I laugh and answer “Take a number”. He’ll be in touch with my people.

I have blogs to read.

Finally I get away from my never ending social demands and sit at home, in the comfort of my boat and brew the perfect cup of coffee and read Abby. Ah the sweet funny Abby and her issues, let’s see if she can help me forget about the hectic social demands of my life…

Abby wrote a post labelled A Day in the Life. I felt immediately and spontaneously prompted to write my dream day. I mean what the heck, it’s Sunday and I’d rather sit here and write instead of doing all the cool stuff I dream of doing. Wait, what?

I’ll be paddleboarding all afternoon. How else am I going to become a mentor for young girls? Reality or Fiction?

p.s. Don’t I look über freaky in my header picture? Leo took that in Disneyland in front of a really cool pretend city – it’s all fake! A fantasy city for a fantasy day. I’m cool like that.


17 thoughts on “A Day In The Life… This is MY Fantasy!”

  1. Ha! I LOVE it, even though I really don’t know who Rob is or what you’re talking about in that area. All I know is you said, “He’s my bitch” and I was mesmerized 😉 You are truly a woman of the people, woman.


  2. I’ve done a real “day in the life” post before. Maybe I’ll join the idea theft…. err…. I mean unintentional meme. As I read about your day, I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Because so much of it, I could have written, too. But then I look at myself in the mirror and think, “Whatever, Aimee. You’re a fucking antisocial cat lady who hates cats!” And so it makes me wonder, would my “dream day” be the day I would dream of if I were wonderfully social, or should my dream day be the day I would wish for if I were the me I am right now? Which begs the question, do I secretly wish I was more social? And then I think, if I were surrounding by some of the people I have met blogging, absolutely. I don’t think I’d even have to change my personality. Because if you rang my doorbell right now, I’d be out the door and forget my shoes. But to be more social in the status quo? Hell no. Which then tells me that perhaps I am in a self-induced exile, protesting the vacuity of the idiots around me. It actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. I like my steaks raw… I mean rare, too. Sigh. My ass muscles are sore. Damn hamstring curls…..


    1. Antisocial cat lady who hates cats! I can’t stop laughing! How is it that you’re so funny? How is it that I want to call you everyday but I’ve never met you?

      I don’t know about the whole being social thing and why bloggers love to talk about being anti-social. I mean, are we really? Really – really – really? Or is it like you say, a result of the choice of people in our surroundings? I love being social. I love being around people. And I must confess, sometimes I go to the mall just to people-bathe. (Expressions translate poorly don’t they?) If all MY blog friends were to attend BlogHer – I’d so be there in an instant. Problem is, the bloggers I really think are totally rad and want to hang with don’t do that kind of thing. Well, some do. But most don’t. Probably because the bloggers I love can’t afford it?

      I’m rambling. But you started it. Sheesh. Talk about hijacking somebody’s blog comment area. 🙂 I think you were my sister in another cat like life.


      1. p.s. please do try it – join in on the fantasy day thing, I’d love to read it (I may need help understanding it, but will truly enjoy the bits in my intelligence scope)


      2. I will jump in and say that when I actually go out and do things, I can totally work a room. I’m social and I love it. However, I also find most daily interactions exhausting and can’t be “on” for more than once a month, I swear. I do honestly like people, but it just so happens that most of them are online and not in person 😉


      3. Marie, I was wandering around your site and was intrigued by this post. Very interesting, btw. Your whole site is cool. But I was also interested in the whole social/anti-social discussion. As a new blogger, I’ve been wondering about this. I consider myself pretty sociable, but like Abby, I prefer to have situations where “I’m on” in small doses. But there is a certain appeal to blogging that seems anti-social, since you can communicate when you want and or elect not to communicate at all. It’s all ok in the blog world, I think. As I sit in my living room in my boxers, the whole blogging thing seems a little weird, but fun. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying your stuff.


        1. I think I could deal with being social if it were more like blogging. People would say stuff and I could click away, think about it, then come back and react. Or not. Or simply hit the like button. I think I’ll start carrying a little “Like” light so I can turn it on when needed in a real day to day social setting. And thank you so much for the compliment… I totally dig your stuff too! Just don’t tell my husband you were talking to me in your boxers (ha!)


          1. I hesitated to mention that, but I can’t resist making a little joke, especialy one at my own expense. But the boxer thing really does illustrate the peculiar world of blogging.


  3. nice…so when does this dream day start? you got your checklist…now time to rock it…smiles…a deep tissue massage…might need to ask management about that one on my end…


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