Half Full or Empty? Let Me Fill Your Glass!

Artist link: http://www.orlandeli.com.br/

Browsing trough Facebook I saw this great illustration by Orlandeli a truly talented and amazing artist-illustrator. I love illustrations. I love drawing them and filling them in with bright colors. Let me tell you something: the day you think you’re too old for cartoons, comics, bubble gum, and bright pink rubber boots is the day you really start dying.

Yesterday I felt terribly down on myself, and I openly shared how I felt. Although I hate using the internet to spread a message of “oh-woe-is-me”, I needed to let it out. After publishing the post I got a call from Leo. His timing was magical. He’s out of town right now. But anyways, as we talked it dawned on him that I was crying. So the talk stopped being about him and immediately became about me (my favorite topic).

He reminded me how lucky and fortunate I am. I get to play. All day long. I get to enjoy what life has to offer. He also reminded me that as soon as I’ll be working I’ll be wishing I wasn’t. So I could go out and play. And he also reminded me (he had a lot of reminding to do) of how much he’ll be complaining once I start to work because he’ll no longer have anybody to play with.

I wish you knew Leo. You’d love him. Everybody always does. He leaves a lasting impression. Like really hot salsa.

So, about this little cartoon. I loved it so much I spent 30 minutes playing with it on PhotoShop. I added the bubbles and text. Could I have done this if I had a job? (Probably – the stuff people get away with while on the clock is impressive.) But, not ME. No. I’m an ideal employee.

This morning I also saw a really cool meme picture. “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” I want to make this my new mantra. So, if I asked you what it is you love most of yourself, what would it be? Come on, share with sugar bear!


14 thoughts on “Half Full or Empty? Let Me Fill Your Glass!”

  1. Loved this post!! I know that sometimes we feel all the weight of the world upon our shoulders, and it’s hard to feel okay. But whenever possible, we need to try and find something positive to think of, and be grateful for what we have – I’m not saying it’s easy, and that everybody can make it so easily, but it;s worthy trying to. :o)

    What I love most about myself.. I hate analyzing myself, but I like my sense of humor, it saved me many times! ;o)


    1. Your sense of humor has saved me too – your Facebook status updates and images are always dead on. Thanks for stopping by after I re-shared your image and then linked you in the post! 🙂 Life is sweet.


  2. smiles…i am glad you were real yesterday…made me feel not alone you know…smiles…enjoy the time while you have it …sounds like you have a good man to watch out for you too….cool cartoon


  3. What did I tell you?! That was supposed to stay between US! Gah… can’t trust anyone these days, jeez.

    I just burped up a mouthful of smoked sausage-flavored stomach juice. It was pretty great.

    Your brilliant man is right, you know. They usually are. Somehow, they always seem to know us better than we know ourselves.


  4. Such a great post. A lot of us must be on the same page these days. It is all about perspective and reminding ourselves of everything we have. I’ve been re-framing things in my own mind so much the last couple of weeks. It’s amazing what a good mantra on a continual loop can do for the psyche. Keep having fun. Work will come soon enough.


    1. Isn’t it insane how we need to train ourselves in order to feed our brains with positive messages instead of the self-destructive types?


  5. Wow, Marie, I could have really used this last week.
    I don’t play as much as I used to. I don’t have a job either (in the sense that someone is paying me to do something), but my days are filled with taking care of the kids, taking care of my elderly in-laws and fighting with my muse. So, yeah, my guitars are dusty, my bike is rusty and my belly is getting round. Life has gotten frustrating.
    In a few weeks, the kids will be back in school and I’ll have time to play. Until then, I’ll be Cap’n Grumpypants.


  6. I love that no matter how much crap I have to wade through, you’re always there with those bright pink rubber boots. I am sure I would love your Leo since I already love to read how much you love him. Plus, I really love a good spicy salsa.


  7. It’s the old roller coaster versus the carousel thing. I think you have the best of both worlds. You are on the carousel right now, but the way you live is big time roller coaster at times. I’ve done some long distance sailing and I’ve read your stories, it’s pretty darn hairy out there at times. Anyway, it’s good to unload now and then. You are fun, creative, adventurous and talented! It’s good to have time to do the things you want…


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