He left town. Left me behind. Mr I-don’t-want-a-job took the offer before they even finished  asking him. So he left with a one-way ticket. I asked him if I could go, or at least join him for a weekend. He asked if I had enough money for the ticket. Questions answered with questions aren’t answers.

My bank account, however, did answer me without asking a question in exchange. But the answer wasn’t what I hoped for. What does one do with a husband who leaves with a one-way ticket?

I dropped him off at the airport. The impatient bugger behind me honked and blared and yelled. Sorry, I told him, I can’t step out and hug you lest I get murdered by Mr. Death-Grip-Sans-Anger-Management behind us. He laughed. “No sweat.” And off he went.

As he walked away I could hear the squeaky wheel from our old carry-on suitcase. Skwee… skwee… skwee. And the door closed behind him. He didn’t look back. I think or I believe he assumed I had rushed away to avoid being executed by Mister Congeniality waiting for my spot.

He left on a one-way ticket. My bank account told me I couldn’t go.

I’ve since then changed banks and switched to Chase. It’s not Wells Fargo’s fault I never saw him again. But maybe Chase would have given me a different answer. Maybe he and I could have shared the one-way ticket. If we’d been on that same fateful flight, who knows…

Trifecta Week 37.  Flight: a- a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft; b- a scheduled airplane trip. I’m glad to say this is entirely fiction.


26 thoughts on “One-Way”

  1. Swoosh! I am super glad this was fiction. I was starting to worry 😉 I left on a one-way ticket once. I spent 18 hours in a flying metal tube sitting next to a woman praying the rosary. The whole damn time. I also came back home on a one-way ticket. Which I shared with the baby in my belly. So, it is actually possible.


    1. It’s really weird. Not weird that I’m super glad it’s fiction – but weird how as soon as the impatient dude showed up in the flow of the story I decided how it would end. And I started crying, and continued to write the story through blurry vision. Am I utterly weird or is that just a normal writing process???


  2. I like the passive-aggressive nature of nicknaming him several times.

    Mostly I like the flow. This felt like a memoir, which is a compliment to the writing.


  3. I didn’t read the commentary about this being fiction until I looked at the comments. Yea, I’m also very glad this is not fiction as I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude to comment. I’m with Lance, the writing is so true, it’s hard to believe is not autobiographical. Please, put the disclaimer at the top next time! This was so great.


          1. Sorry, I was being a little flippant about the disclaimer. I don’t know whether it’s a spoiler or it just takes a little out of the fun out of reading a story, but I don’t really think a big disclaimer at the beginning is a good idea. I really enjoy it when people make assumptions about the seeminglty autobiogrphical aspect of my posts. It makes things a little more interesting. Especially knowing that good fiction comes from real life experiences, right? So, I’d say, skip the disclaimer, even though everybody was worried. After all, you made an impact with this, and that’s a good thing!


  4. first sorry i haven’t been by I somehow keep missing your post off to fix that shorty but for now love this post and love how poked fun at the banks brilliantly done.


    1. I guess I started on something real, but reality felt boring so I let my fingers crawl on the keys. They took over right after I said “He left town” and then? I had no control! 🙂


  5. Love when that happens. Writing through tears always produces something spectacular, even if it costs us some tears and sanity. Loved this!


  6. I’m glad it was fiction too…although you could have written it about me and it would have been the truth…I’m starting to wonder how I could get through the morning without reading your stuff…I’m hooked, happily. You simply make my day. Kelli


    1. When I published this I was afraid of my online friends who’d lost their spouse… I hope I didn’t make you feel anything you’d rather not be feeling today! And thanks for your compliment – really nice!


  7. I liked that one a lot. It seemed so genuine and I was really outraged on your behalf at first. I’m glad it was fiction and I admire how wonderfully realistic it was. I love that the bank switch was to Chase, the choice was so hilariously fitting.


  8. Leo told me which car but I did make note of it. Jac, Sheldon and Buster Venard are all there. If you overcame your lack of funds, geat, if not tell Leo to get better jobs.


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