My First Time

Pic taken in Mexico. Posted on my Instagram.

Most have great memories… My first time happened against my will. The first time I did it was in a car. Obviously. I was scared. Frightened. What if something utterly bad happened? What if I got hurt, or something worse? But he pushed me. Said because of my fear it was even more reason to do it. “I’m too scared, I told you I don’t want to do this. Not tonight. Not so soon. I’m not ready.” He grabbed my hand and imposed it. He forced it upon me. “Do it. Just do it, NOW!” he ordered.

My hands were wet and sweaty. I felt faint. I felt ill prepared for taking this major step.

He held my hand with such strength I couldn’t pull it away. That made things worst. His intent was to make me feel his presence. I wanted my hand back. I needed control of both hands. I fought back the tears. I heard the other boys chuckle from behind. We weren’t alone and that certainly didn’t help. My heart was beating so fast I knew they could hear the beats drumming away crazily.

Shouldn’t I have both hands on the steering wheel the first time I drive a car on the freeway? What kind of a driving instructor grabs the hand of a 16-year old behind the wheel anyways?

I’ll never forget my first time on the freeway. It was rush hour. I was 16 years old. The other boys in the car with us had already been driving for over a year. They didn’t get to drive on the freeway that night. I was the only one. The instructor felt I needed to conquer my fear.

True story.

This is yet another Studio 30 Plus writing prompt. We’ve got two prompts per week. Not that I’m better than anyone else (…) but, I had something on both prompts this week. Plus, my approach was kind of similar to another member’s approach. Kind of. Read Carrie’s take on it here. This just goes to prove that when a good idea comes along, chances are somebody else may have the exact same good idea.


11 thoughts on “My First Time”

  1. Ha! I like your little twist there 😉 The first time I drove a car, I made vroom vroom noises and brake squeal noises, grinded the clutch of my dad’s Honda Prelude so bad the transmission shoulda fell out. My dad yelled at me and said I was immature. I told him I didn’t care about driving, I just wanted to play Dukes of Hazzard. I was 16.


  2. Nice piece. I think if you move the line about the boys chuckling a few paragraphs down you can keep the reader thinking its about something else and then boom we get you are driving a car 🙂

    Great minds think alike 😉


    1. I debated about that line. Your comment confirmed it. I moved it! 🙂 When I saw your take I thought “Uh oh, I can’t post mine now, I’ll look like a copy-cat!” but I published anyways. I agree about great minds. Aaaahhhhh!


  3. Nice! My first time, however, happened in a video arcade. It was a racing simulator and I don’t remember its name. All I remember is that I crashed and my car exploded. Probably why I don’t drive in real life today…


  4. First I thought you were also trying to steer us down the expected path. But then, having read Carrie’s piece, I thought maybe you weren’t going to. So in the end, I still went for a loop. =) That first time on the freeway IS terrifying. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna face having my kids drive… (I thought you go by ‘Marie Nicole’ and I replied to you by that on my blog. Is it only ‘Marie’?)


  5. You know how much I love a good twist. Well done. I still hate driving on the freeway but it’s primarily getting on and off the ramps that I hate. That and rush hour. But when I’m actually on the freeway, I spend all of my time in the fast lane.


  6. I’m not sure that I remember my first time on the highway exactly but I remember freaking out when I had to merge not once but twice to enter the freeway and almost side swiped somebody I had missed in my blind spot. Ahh the anxiety. Great piece.


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