A Diving Pictorial For You

I went for a kelp dive today. I really had fun with my camera and since I haven’t posted much lately I thought I’d share some of my snapshots with you.

This piece of kelp looks like it’s trying to touch the skies…

I’ll be adding these to my Instagram account later. I wanted to give you a sneak preview and share them here first.

I kind of really like this one. The visibility was incredible. It was odd too because the sky was grey and covered. They call this the marine layer. I simply call it cloudy. But what do I know?

This one is magical. Don’t you think? Kelp is so poetic. To think that before I ever dove in the kelp bed, I assumed I’d be creeped out by it. I thought it would totally give me the heeby-jeebies. I could not have been any more wrong.

I wanted to add something of myself. I exhaled and my bubbles – air from my lungs – are now part of this. Part of this poetry.

I wish I could tell you I put a lot of thought in this picture. But… I know I was playing with the camera in a in the water and out the water approach. I wanted the lens to get a shot halfway in between. But I got parts of my BC and wetsuit. I think the turn out is kind of cool. Shoot – I could sell this to O’Neil! It’s just so rad and different!

And I leave you with a self-portrait. Muwah!


15 thoughts on “A Diving Pictorial For You”

  1. Great pictures! You captured everything brilliantly. You probably changed some minds about the kelp and seaweed; sometimes you have to look from THEIR perspective. Thanks for sharing !


    1. Thanks! (By the way, for some odd reasons your comments go to my spam box – that’s weird, and I accidentally deleted on of your previous comments as I was cleaning out my spam box. Sorry about that!)


    1. Oh you would love it. Diving is like hiking and staring at one rock for 45 minutes where you discover things you never would have thought…


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