Ladies Night

Shoes are Paris Hilton *Cheyanne* aka something you’ll never see me wearing!

Story #1 (Initial Submission)
Ladies, let the games begin!” Denise purred hungrily as she catwalked in her claw heels up to the frat boys. Poor Bobby, before he knew it he’d been cougared back to Denise’s den.

Story #2 (My choice selection)
Just like the humongous Tiny Tim was ironically called Tiny: little did we know that the one we all knew as Elephant Man was in reality totally cockatieling it inside his baggy pants.

This is a Trifecta prompt: This weekend we want you to write a 33-word response using the name of an animal as a verb.

After submitting the cougar story I was hit in the shower with another 33-word story under the same prompt. How often are we hit upon with cockatieling stories right? Am I right or am I right?

41 thoughts on “Ladies Night”

    1. I wish I could wear those… very bitchin’ indeed! Thanks, I actually tried to put myself in somebody else’s shoes for this! Ha! Get it? Pun intended!


          1. OMG, I just noticed you had two entries! The “cockatieling” thing is totally awesome! Can I vote for you three times?


  1. That’s one sassy lady in heels! Poor Bobby is going to have his hands full here. Makes me a little nervous only in that I have a frat boy in college who I hope doesn’t come into contact with a “Denise”! Cougared is an awesome verb!


  2. I’m looking forward to the continuation of these two tales, culminating in Denise and Elephant Man’s face off.
    Great response to the prompt!!!


  3. Oh my, those shoes are so not me. I wish I could wear shoes like that, but my small, wide feet (5 and a half wide) are simply unable to wear anything, but plain old flats or sneakers. One can wish. I loved your little ditties, especially the first.


    1. Cool! Thanks – I stayed very cattie with that one, actually bummed I didn’t stick with originally thought of name Kat. Sigh. (or should I say “purrr”)


  4. He took the Cheyenne shoes and hid them in his big pockets, then unobtrusively, he snaked up the stairs and surprised Booby in the midst of catwalking all over Denise and freed her.


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