Roller Derby: Fall in Love With Yourself All Over Again

Skating in San Diego’s Pride Parade: one of many community activities we do!

A therapist once worked on me via so many self-help books I was tempted to call her a librarian. Weekly I’d sit in her office: return the book – discuss the book – and leave with a new book to read before the following week.

I was self-helped out! Was I a manipulator or manipulated? A giver or a taker? Was I really from Venus? Would I ever learn to say no? Was I an enabler or my dad’s true guide towards sobriety? Was I in fact and forever addicted to love? Could I find the energy to let go? How could I ever tap into the power of now when my reading list was never ending? And when will they ever publish a book about denial?

I’m guest-posting at According to Jewels dot com – click here to READ MORE!


4 thoughts on “Roller Derby: Fall in Love With Yourself All Over Again”

  1. Thanks SO much for posting such fantastic work at my place. I love that you chose my blog to share such a badass story! LOVE it.


  2. I went
    I read
    I liked!
    Great post over there! Growing up under a mom who loved roller derby (Go T-birds!), I’ve always been interested. I can still remember a ton of names and teams from the 50’s and 60’s. Back when it was televised in prime time.


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