Neither Here Nor There

I’m about to empty some of these and fill up another one!

I got a letter from my credit card company. They recently noticed that since I got it, I pretty much never used it. Which really makes it hard for me to bitch and whine about my income when I’m not even tapping into my credit options. But, that’s neither here nor there. What is here AND there is the fact that to regain my business which they never really had to begin with, they are offering me NO interest charges from now until March 2013.

I would be stupid to not jump on this opportunity. If all goes well the world will end in December and I’ll have stocked up my credit card, interest free, then boom – it, as in my debt, will be erased like a dinosaur!

Win-win right? I need new glasses. Bad. I have to squint when I watch TV and forget about the subtitles. Those are just annoying white scribbles hiding the lower part of my screen. Plus I can’t hear without my glasses. That is a fact. Don’t be surprised if you ever catch me saying “Sorry, I can’t hear you, I need my glasses.” But that is neither here nor there. It is however hear. Right?

So back to my credit card. I’ve been dipping into my savings. Dippity doo-dah. I had savings. Had. Keyword. Actually, still have some. Thank you very much $4.17 per gallon of cheapest fuel available at the pump station and half-ton Chevy. Worst combo ever. Well, not as bad as the pickle-ice cream combo. But close.

But that is neither here nor there. Besides I can’t even get there. My truck is empty. And that ain’t no joke.

I found a card hiding and stashed away with $21.54 remaining on it. Ding-ding-ding! I also have some nearly unused Canadian bank account with about $200. That’s like 2 visits at the gas station! Things to be grateful for. Right?

I just ended a sentence with the word “for” and it felt awesome. Breaking rules only feels good when you’re aware you are doing it. And then to do a varying version of it is like saying “IN YOUR FACE MERRIAM-WEBSTER!” Normally I’d say Larousse. But since I’m referencing the English language I had to switch. And you probably didn’t even know I was struggling with the grammatical reference! But that is neither here nor there.

I’ve been totally out of sorts lately. For no reason. None whatsoever. And that needs to stop. Now. Oh and by the way, I’m a featured writer over at Bucket List Publications. Yay me! I need somebody to go over there and hit the like button. Not that I need it to feed my feelings of self-worth. I’m beyond that. But just because I love being featured and right now it doesn’t look like my next submission will be featured. Or something like that. I only have one like. That’s like sucky.

And now I am off to the getting place to get some new glasses. On credit. Oh, and I have NO idea what the real purpose of this post was… Other than just about everything I talked about was neither here nor there. To quote a great movie: “Where you goin’? NOWHERE!”

10 thoughts on “Neither Here Nor There”

  1. Jewels posted a quote the other day, something like, if you don’t know where you’re going then the path you take doesn’t matter. Seems fitting most of the time for me, lol. My only question is, really, how do we KNOW when we’re stocked back up on sorts. The ones we’re usually out of. Well, that I feel out of a lot and you mentioned being out of today. Where do we even *get* more sorts? 🙂


  2. I’m rarely ever here or there, either. Usually, I am nowhere. In particular, at least. Or so it seems. Sometimes, I might be here, only to disappear and reappear over there. It’s all so confusing. I saw a man at Wal-Mart today. I was back in the dairy section buying my fat-free lactose-free milk (read: hazy water), and I saw this guy. Well, I was looking down at my phone, and so I only saw his shorts first. The really baggy plaid kind skaters sometimes wear (and I know this because I married one and gave birth to one, skaters, that is). So anyway, I looked further down and saw he was wearing black chuck taylors. Now I knew he was definitely a skater. So, I looked up. And found I was looking at a partially balding guy easily in his late 40s/early 50s, and what hair he did have was silver. He stood in front of the dairy case trying to decide on a brand of chocolate milk. And when he chose his brand, he turned to put it in his cart, which was being driven by his 300-pound wife. It was then that I realized something. I’m really glad I am not 300 pounds. And I don’t care how old he was, I would have licked that guy’s face until he begged me to stop. The End.


  3. Well it is good that you are getting new glasses so you can hear us all again, now do you need hearing aids in order to see us too………just asking…………..and well I hope not because those are expensive trust me I know I have them…………ok I didn’t pay for mine but I still know they are expensive…………and guess what I can be both here and there at the same time I was going to say simultaneously but thought the jesterqueen would think I was stealing her word and I am not a thief………………….lol You know it is only 6.25 am here and I have been up for an hour……..yes and hour what the hell is with that and a little boy waking his nanny up so bloody early………


  4. After my trip my credit card is feeling a little tired, perhaps I can share yours with your no interest.
    As for new glasses, just got some. My first multifocals…very trippy as I struggle to find my focus…bit like this comment and maybe your post…you and I, we are very alike.


  5. Thank you for the morning chuckle!

    I love my card which I bring down to zero each month (interest insults me) since it gives me Airmiles. It has already paid for tickets to Alberta, Newfoundland and a few times to New York City. Love my Airmiles!!! Presently have enough points to visit California… who knows.


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