Salacious Sally

She was a sneaky little devil. Even at the age of 8, she understood her power. She knew how far a sly smile would carry her. She walked to school singing the Sneaky Snake song with the occasion jump and skip added to her stride.

And then Sneaky Snake goes dancin’, wigglin’ and a-hissin’
Sneaky Snake goes dancin’, gigglin’ and a-kissin’

The second she spotted Slammin Sammy (who got his knickname for his super duper dodgeball playing skills) she slowly made her way to his side. His left side. Which positioned her half on the grass and half on the sidewalk. Slammin liked feeling strong by facing the oncoming traffic. She looked his way with a sideways glance.

I don’t like old Sneaky Snake; he laughs too much you see
When he goes wigglin’ through the grass, it tickles his underneath

Sally slid her hand inside Slammin’s sturdy fingers. “Have you ever had your underneaths tickled Sally?” asked Slammin. She giggled. Sally wasn’t entirely sure what Slammin’ was referring to, but something told her he didn’t mean the kind of tickling her parents submitted her to. So her giggle, being her go-to answer, told him what she thought he wanted to hear. Which of course, she had no inkling of an idea of what that could be.

Boys and girls take warning, if you go near the lake
Keep your eyes wide open, and look for Sneaky Snake

“You’re singing it all backwards Sally” and he elbowed her, releasing his hand from her grip. “I sing it like I want to. I’m a liberated girl” Sammy couldn’t help but release a good belly laugh on what he assumed was something she heard her momma say.

“Silly little girl, you’re gonna get yerself in a whole lotta trouble with that wiggle of yours.” Sally looked up at Slammin, and wiggled her finger in his face “You’re not my daddy. Just because you finished 6th grade last year doesn’t make you Master of Sophistication!”

Now maybe you won’t see him, maybe you won’t hear
But he’ll sneak up behind you, and drink all your root beer

Slammin suddenly had a thought. An idea to teach her a lesson. He grabbed her wrist and slided his other arm behind her. Sally’s giggles and her singing stopped along with her skip.

Well, Sneaky Snake drinks root beer, and he just makes me sick
When he is not dancin’, he looks just like a stick

Slammin’s strong arms held her, and he walked quickly towards Ippy’s garage. Ippy never locked up, and Sammy knew exactly what to find behind that rusty old door. Sally was oblivious of what was yet to come.

Salacious Sally is a writing prompt from Studio 30+. I’ve been very negligent of my “creative” writing lately. No excuse is valid. But I needed to dive back in. Sneaky Snake lyrics by Tom Hall.


5 thoughts on “Salacious Sally”

  1. OM… NO!!!!

    This one got dark so quickly. That being said, I absolutely love what you did here and the lyrics you placed throughout the narrative. I’ve never heard this song before but it sounds unbelievably haunting when placed next to an innocent little girl.

    Very well done on the creative this week, Marie! XOXO


  2. OMG… NOOOOOO!!!! Poor little Sally 😦

    This story got dark so quickly! That being said I absolutely LOVE what you did with it and the way you threaded the lyrics to this song throughout. I’ve never heard it before, but it sounds completely haunting when juxtaposed next to such a sweet young, innocent girl.

    Really great job on the creative this week, Marie.


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