Til Death Do Us Part – A Personal Ad

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This is a wickedly delicious writing prompt from our creative friends at Trifecta WritingDeath : the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe.

Actually, I was inspired by Linda Vernon’s take on the prompt where I saw a potential office romance spin-off, oh you have to go read her post… Then I wondered, how does Death find a date? If he’s a modern man, he’ll find true love on the internet.


18 thoughts on “Til Death Do Us Part – A Personal Ad”

  1. Were I a woman, I’d probably be more worried about his touch than his schedule.
    Great entry! This would never have occured to me to do for a Trifecta.

    I did do a three part entry though. Probably gonna lose to yours.


    1. If you were a woman maybe you’d want his touch more than anything, you know how women like to play with fire…

      p.s. yours was good! Death takes a holiday 😉


  2. Bravo Marie!! I’m not just the CEO, I’m a member too! LOL! I just love the novel way you did this! And I wouldn’t be surprised if G. Rim’s mailbox is soon completely full! You know how we women can’t resist a Bad Boy! And thanks for the shout out too! Well played Marie! 😀


  3. Ahahaha! Too funny. Great tone. I love your tag line about not being just the CEO but also a member. Fantastic.


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