Welcome to my cyber house…

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to my cyber house…

    1. Thanks! I’m proud of this, I found a great pic of Mr Coelho, modified to blend in the fade to white, and inserted his quote. Actually saw this quote today on Instagram and needed to immediately do something with it. It’s what I’ve been needed to read over and over again – hence why it’s now my sticky post!


  1. Not always easy to remember, but so true!


  2. sometimes you have to be willing to let go to let life…


  3. Sometimes I feel all hello’d out.


  4. Ooooo!!! I like it!! And it happens to come at a perfect time as I just broke up with my boyfriend today!! Thank you karma!!


    1. Sorry to hear that, and it’s come at the perfect time for me as well! Totally needed this today.


  5. Loved this and true I think…………..


  6. I sense new adventures are calling. Exciting


  7. This is so true. I keep meaning to write a post about the life lessons learned from my horse. I gave her to the woman who bred her because she had injuries and it didn’t make sense for me to keep her. It was heart breaking. I had to let her go. But, it has allowed me to ride another horse that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


    1. Lately this theme has been taking over my life. It’s odd that even when you know you’re moving towards something exciting and life changing you hang on to silly stuff. I’m glad you now have a new horse to love…

      I recently wrote a post about it aptly called “On Letting Go” where I make a self-proclaimed wonderful metaphor! 🙂


  8. waiting for that hello! maybe i shouldn’t watch the pot.


  9. It’s a wonderful quote to share, and more impressive you created the image!!


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