Non, rien de rien

Musée le Louvre – Paris

It would be such a shame to leave with regrets.

Non, rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien. No, nothing at all, no I have no regrets.

I can’t help it, Edith PIaf sings this and I cry. I start wailing like a teething baby.

I’ve lived my life under that principle. I actually took this picture at the Louvre in France in 1996.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long since my 1st solo trip to France where I loaded a backpack-full of CD’s from my friends hoping to promote them in la mère patrie.

All the things that went wrong for at last I have learned to be strong.

I’ve made my share of mistakes. All along knowing full well they were mistakes, but thinking “at least I’ll have formidable stories to share”. Stories which I do not share. Anymore.

And now as I look to the future I see the ocean.

People thought I was crazy when I held back from the idea of sailing to Tahiti. All they saw was the result – being in Paradise. What I saw was “and then what?” Little do most know, sailing to Tahiti is a cake walk. The return isn’t so. Winds and currents invite you to head West. It’s a 4-week crossing. And you know what they say about crossing an ocean…

There’s a heck of a lot of water out there!

I’ve been learning and growing a lot these past few months. Translation: crying every day. But those tears are behind me. Translation: for now. I look forward to the crossing. I look forward to this new land. I’ve read as you approach the islands the first thing you notice is the smell. Flowers. All you smell is flowers.

We’ve been researching like mad. We’re trying to get ready for this excursion. There’s no running back to the store if we forgot something! It is a scary thing, I’ll tell you that much. But you know what? I am much MUCH more afraid of regretting not doing it than all my fears put together of facing that crossing.

This week we are celebrating a cool theme at Studio 30 Plus – Bucket List. This is my contribution to the writing prompt No regrets. Won’t you come and join us?


6 thoughts on “Non, rien de rien”

  1. Have to agree with Jester Queen.
    Like you’ve said before, There wasn’t a whole lot making you happy here.
    And no matter what happens there, yeah,it will be a hell of a story!


  2. You need to do this or you will always be wondering. Have the adventure that most people only dream about. Can not wait to read the stories


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