Working Like a Dog


The hard part about coming back to writing a post after it’s been a rather long time is: what the heck do you talk about?

This weekend was the culmination of my work. I’ve been involved with a young women’s leadership conference and award. The cool thing about this event was that the girls had to be nominated by teachers, counsellors, coaches or anybody involved in their lives. They were nominated because somebody actually believed in them.

What a cool thing.

We had over 300 girls from all over San Diego County. I was shocked there wasn’t more than that actually – when you think about it. When you really really think about it – how many girls do you know deserve recognition for their leadership skills and talent?


What I love about working an event with a tight deadline like this (the majority of the team was hired with but a little over a month before the conference) is how you can’t hide your true colors. You can’t fake it. You’re either a true team player, or you aren’t. End of story.

People volunteer, some will show up, some won’t. Some will sit and not do much work while others will carry the load of many. That’s just the way it is. And I am fascinated by witnessing the unraveling of these outcomes. I am absolutely fascinated to see who will stand up to the task and who will talk and talk about their talents and no show any signs to support all that talk.

Sound familiar? Of course it does, we’re all surrounded by this. Unless you live under a rock and do not ever EVER interact with other people – you have dealt with the talkers, the doers, the takers, the givers, and the others. I often want to return to school just to study this behavior.

Have I mentioned how fascinated I am to witness people’s true colors come out? When people start to tell me “I can’t because…” I just watch, listen and smile. I smile because all I want to say is “Of course you can’t. Of course it’s not your fault. Of course I’ll take care of it.” When what I really want to say is “Of course I saw this coming.

And then you have the unexpected and unsung heroes. Those who come out of nowhere, don’t look like much, don’t go on and on about their qualities and KABOOM   are just absolute rockstars and save the day. I love them.

I’m slowly dipping back into the pleasure and joys of writing just for the joy of writing. It felt good, and now I need more!


10 thoughts on “Working Like a Dog”

  1. i’m so happy to see you back writing I need to get myself i’ve been so caught in reviews I haven’t just written so need to


  2. I’ve known those types. The ones who are all talk & no action. I’m in school & we have group projects in EVERY. DAMN. SUBJECT. I’ve come across too many of them.

    Happy to see you back in the saddle. I’ve missed you.


  3. hey you…sounds like fun times…well kinda…i love talking to people…from all areas of life…sometimes they surprise you (in good and bad ways…grinning at your internal monologue)…and it is nice to see those that really do rise to the occassion…


  4. Go you for a successful (and useful!) Project.
    And glad to see you again.

    I like (and try to be) one of the ones who doesn’t talk if it isn’t necessary,and just shows up and does what’s needed.
    Not quite there. but closer…


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